Always tip your Shabbos goy well at the Dime-a-Dance: Powell's Manage a Quatre, aka Le Ballet "Road-Kill Juif."

Always tip your Shabbos goy well at the Dime-a-Dance: Powell's Manage a Quatre, aka Le Ballet "Road-Kill Juif."

In a 01/08/03 article focussing on U.S. aid to Israel, Barry Schweid writes:

.... "Israel probably would receive additional aid if it reached a settlement with the Palestinians,. .."
What planet is THIS guy on? Is this indicative of how stupid Israelis are, or how stupid Americans THINK Israelis are? Under Ehud Slimfast Barak, Israel never got a dime for simultaneously running from (thus insuring Syria and Hezbollah's takeover of) Lebanon, despite promises from Clinton et al.
Which part of "no money down, ha-ha, sorry no money later" doesn't Israel get?
Schwied continues on the schnide with "... but the Bush administration agreed last year to put its mediation on hold until after Israel's elections."
Either this author is deaf and stupid, or his State Department plant thinks we are: According to President Bush, U.S.-led mediation is off till ARAFAT is OUT...
Oh, but we forgot Powell's Manage a Quatre, aka Le Ballet "Road-Kill Juif."
How ironic that then-General Powell nancy-boyed out of Iraq because he couldn't outflank the LW media on the Kuwait City - Baghdad Highway of death, and now he's determined to turn ISRAEL into a turkey shoot with a return to indefensible 1967 borders.
The lesson for today's Jew?
Always tip your Shabbos goy well...you never know when he could grow up to be the Secretary of State of the U.S. AND the Playtoy of the Arab world.


Connie Chung, CNN's Angel of Death.

On Dec. 10, 2002, Chung juxtaposed an interview of has-been actor Mike Farrell and loser comic Janeane Garofalo (both representing 100 Hollywood no-nothings supporting Saddam against the U.S.) with an interview of the parents of three members of the U.S. Armed Forces who are being deployed to the Middle East.

Even those readers not aware of the Gold Star Mothers program from past wars will most certainly and sadly catch Connie's disgusting and grim "drift"...

CHUNG: All right, thank you, Mike. Mike Farrell, we thank you so much for being with us.

Janeane, also appreciate it.

On the other side of this debate tonight, we have two people who have a lot on the line if the U.S. attacks Iraq. William and Mary Staun have three children: Rosemarie, the oldest, is stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, along with her husband. She's expecting to go to Kuwait next month. William is a tank gunner already deployed to Kuwait. And Peggy is in the military police at Fort Benning, Georgia. She's been told she's also heading for the Middle East soon.

"USA Weekend" put all three on the cover, because it's so unusual for that many siblings all to head into combat. And that's also why we wanted to speak with their parents, who join us from Cincinnati.

Mary and William Staun, thank you so much for being with us. ...

CHUNG: Mary, there's that old tradition of putting a star out in the window for each of your children. You've done that, haven't you?

M. STAUN: Yes.

CHUNG: And, of course, the way it goes is, you change the color of a star if indeed there is anything untoward that happens to your children. But I know you -- is it white that's out there now?

M. STAUN: I've got white ones.

CHUNG: And then you change the color to gold or yellow if something...

M. STAUN: Right.

CHUNG: Well, you haven't bought any gold or yellow fabric, have you?

M. STAUN: No. And I'm not going to for a long time.

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