"Wrath redux: Is there but one effective way to end the hate and madness?" By Stefan Kanfer 12/30/03

The third choice remains the most effective. Arming those who are the prey of degenerate killers is a sensible way to go. Licensed or unlicensed, Jews have a right to protect themselves and to take down those who would murder them. Temples have a right to have 24-hour guards, and to keep the foe at bay by whatever means necessary. But better still, that foe should be sought out, threatened, and, when possible, annihilated. As numerous incidents in Europe, and lately on U.S. campuses demonstrate, Jew-hatred is in fashion as it has not been since Hitler's time, disguised in the mask of the pro-Palestinian cause. It is long past time to reinstitute Operation Wrath of G-d. Despite protests by people and nations who wish Israel had never been created, the policy of revenge was very effective last time. And it can be again.

"Armed, People..." from Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership;

"All In Favor..." image courtesy of Registered Media.com.

Blair acted like a 'white vigilante' by invading Iraq, says bishop The Guardian | 30 December 2003 | Sarah Hall

Tony Blair came under attack from two of the Church of England's most senior figures yesterday for acting "like a white vigilante" and for lacking humility in forging ahead with the war on Iraq.

In the most outspoken outburst, the Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright, accused religious conservatives surrounding the US president, George Bush, of espousing "a very strange distortion of Christianity" - particularly since, through Iraq's reconstruction, many would gain financially.

"For Bush and Blair to go into Iraq together was like a bunch of white vigilantes going into Brixton to stop drug dealing. This is not to deny there's a problem to be sorted, just that they are not credible people to deal with it," he said.

In a separate rebuke, the Archbishop of York, David Hope, questioned the legitimacy of the war and said Mr. Blair would have to answer to God - a "higher authority" - for his decision to forge ahead with the conflict...

[Archbishop of York, David Hope, stated] "Undoubtedly, a very wicked leader has been removed, but there are wicked leaders in other parts of the world."

I can think of two right here... the pooftah morons being quoted. These fools seem to be sharing Dr. Dean's staff

And who they calling racist? These two Bishops likely preferred their wogs dead:

Mass grave found in northern Iraq" as reported by the British Bull Crap on Monday, 11 February, 2002.

... The Kurdish authorities in the region said that the grave, discovered two days ago, was the fourth mass grave to be found in the ground of Sardaw military camp - set up by the Iraqi Army in 1982.

Bakhtiar Amin, the head of the Washington-based International Alliance for Justice (IAJ), told BBC News Online that the discovery of this new mass grave "is additional evidence of Saddam Hussein and his regime's crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity".

The IAJ is an alliance of more than 260 non-governmental organisations from 120 countries and is calling for an expert commission under a UN mandate to study the available evidence and decide whether there is a case for crimes against humanity in Iraq.

... Before the Gulf War, the area was under Baghdad's control and the government suppressed the Kurdish population through summary executions, forced disappearances and use of chemical weapons.

Drawing on eyewitness accounts and documents seized from Iraqi security during the Gulf War uprising, international organisations estimate that 182,000 people, mostly men, were forced from the Kurdish areas and buried alive in mass graves in the southern deserts.

... The Iraqi Government refuses to confirm the fate of the missing people, despite repeated requests from Kurdish officials.


Maybe Bishops Tom Wright and David Hope ought to collect what's left of their manhoods and try telling the Kurds how evil Blair and Bush are.

These "gentleman" make me sick and ashamed to share the English language.



CC: Republican National Committee, Republican Jewish Coalition

RE: WH spokesman: President Bush has no problem with Colin Powell meeting Geneva Accord authorsÖ Haaretz News Ticker ^ | 12/3/2003 | Reuters


If Secretary Powell can cheerfully meet with the ultra-left sworn enemies of the U.S. and Israel, I guess the White House doesn't mind if we Republican Jews stop taking Karl Rove's and the Republican Jewish Committee's calls for donations and support for President Bush's reelection.

And maybe the White House wants Clinton to meet with Mullah Omar and Saddam, or Buchanan to meet with Putin and Schroeder...

Maybe we should go back and meet with those older Democrats who keep asking "If we go further right on Israel than President Bush, will you please take our calls, will you think about coming back to the fold?"

The Geneva Plan is a bait and switch maneuver to re-push the Oslocide, and it's coming from ultra-leftists WHO WERE DEFEATED AT THE POLLS IN ISRAEL.

Is the White House now taking lessons from Clinton, Carville and Seth Abraham, attempting to subvert the Govt of Israel?

Does the White House think us Republican Jews will suddenly jump on the ROADCRAP bandwagon to avoid the Geneva surrender? Think again.

The White House needs to get Powell and Rice and Wolfowitz back on the reservation, or we can have an even better conversation with the 30 million evangelical Christians who think President Bush is soft on marriage, abortion, gays and guns. Our Christian allies ask for our financial support all the time, and we also hear they are thinking of sitting it out in 2004 if you don't stay with your base.

Self-defeating? MaybeÖ BUT SO IS YOUR PLAN TO DIVIDE UP ISRAEL AND CREATE ANOTHER ARAB TERROR STATE, just so you can appease the EU and the Saudis.

Israel is one of the biggest providers to America of hi-tech military, medical and computer research, and installing another Arab terrorist regime will only bring less of those benefits and will simultaneously bring terrorism back to America.

Sounds far-fetched?

By agreeing to meet with the Arab "playas" in this game, the U.S. State Department is encouraging the Baathists in Iraq to kill more Americans; why should the Fedayeen Saddam, or Al Queda stop their attacks when America tells OTHER Arabs that terrorism gets them meetings with Secretary Powell?

Remember the last time America took meetings with terrorists? They were called mujahedeen, and they brought us September 11th...

Please respectfully remind the President, standing with Israel is GOOD FOR AMERICA; stabbing her in the back is BAD FOR AMERICA.

Y. B. David

One phone-call or fax to the President is worth 100 emails.

CC the RNC and Republican Jewish Coalition (They want your support)


202-456-1111 Pres Bush direct comment line

202-456-1414 White House Main Number

202-456-2461 White House fax, ATTN ANDREW CARD, WH COS

(The White House Opinion Line is open during normal business hours M-F - 9-5, EST; the fax is on 7x24...)

Find your Senators' and Representatives' Tel., fax and email address at http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/

Go here to tell Powell he's earned enough rapport with his Saudis friends:

Or Contact the Saudi controlled U.S. State Department at:

U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Main Switchboard:



The New York Times ^ | 11/13/03 | THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

[NOTE: this article below contains excerpts; The NY Times requires registration to read the complete text]

Reading the latest poll from the European Union, which indicates that 59 percent of E.U. citizens now consider Israel the greatest "threat to world peace,".... the following heretical thought comes to mind: The keepers of the Muslim holy places and the keepers of the Jewish holy places really need each other today.

Take two Tums before you read further; Tom ("The Saudi's Water Carrier") suggests that the way to peace is for Israel TO GIVE UP HER HOLY PLACES TO THE SAUDIS...

Israel can't solve the problem of rising anti-Semitism without the help of the Saudi ruling family, and the Saudis can't buy the time they need for gradual political and economic reform at home without the help of Israel. Yes, the House of Saud and the House of Sharon really do need each other. ...

I know, you think Tom is going to suggest Israel help turn the Saudi's deserts green....

Let's start with the House of Saud. What ails the Saudi monarchy is a soaring population; dwindling per-capita oil income; schools that stress religious teachings over science, math and literature; a ruling family with 5,000 useless princes feeding at the trough; and an aging, divided leadership. Together, all this has spawned two grass-roots challenges.

The most obvious is from Osama bin Laden. One could easily do a revisionist history of 9/11 and show how it was simply the opening salvo in an attempted coup within Saudi Arabia ó with the attack on America meant only as a bank shot to undermine one of the main supports of the Saudi ruling family.

Thank G-d for small favors; at least Tom didn't suggest that Israel was responsible for 9/11...

Last week's Riyadh bombing was just the latest episode in this civil war, involving hard-core Islamists out to overthrow the moderate/Westernized/indulgent Saudi elite. The fact that these murderous militants have to kill innocent Saudis to draw attention suggests that they can only create mayhem, not a movement with any mass following.

He's right, only 10% of the world's muslims publicly support Bin Laden... AND THAT'S ONLY 100 MILLION...

But the other challenge is more serious and legitimate. It comes from frustrated, claustrophobic, jobless Saudi youth and a voiceless middle class that resents the excesses of the ruling family...

"The only hope for the Saudi ruling family, for long-term survival, is to deliver on two key sources of legitimacy: a rising standard of living and the Palestine question," argues the Middle East expert Stephen P. Cohen.

Another self-loathing genius heard from: next we will hear that solving the "Palestine question" (btw, anyone know of a country called "Palestine"?) will help the NY Yankees win next year's World Series...

"Improving standards of living requires gradual political and economic reforms to transform the Saudi education system and society ....

... But to buy time for economics, adds Mr. Cohen, the Saudis need to deliver on emotions "by helping to bring about a dignified solution to the Palestine problem, which returns the mosques of Jerusalem to Muslim control. . . .

Returns the mosques of Jerusalem to Muslim control? They are ALREADY UNDER MUSLIM CONTROL; that's where every Friday they sermonize on the big and little satans, and urge their followers on to slaughter Christians and Jews. Oh Tom, help me out here, I forgot where in the Koran it mentions Jerusalem more than once? Could it be in that same section that says the Saudis can disregard previous agreements with the U.S., and leave their F-15's on their border closest to Israel....?

...Some 26 years ago Anwar Sadat responded to the food riots in Egypt by going to Jerusalem to make peace with Israel. In doing so he bought his successor 26 years to deal with Egypt's economic problems."

Hmmm, that sort of ignores the fact that the Egyptians have been "buying time" by arming Fatah et al through the Gaza tunnels for a few decades, to say nothing of still starving their own people while spending billions in U.S. aid modernizing their own armies to the point where they almost pose a threat again to Israel.... Oh, never mind, Egypt rebuilding their military so they can attack Israel again isn't important...

Crown Prince Abdullah needs to forge his own breakthrough for the same reasons." ...

Where the Israelis need the Saudis is in combating the rising tide of anti-Semitism. This new anti-Semitism is a witches' brew of Muslim rage ó nurtured in madrasas and mosques financed by Saudi money ó and classic European hatred fed by a new anti-Israel anti-Semitism. Both are fanned by a European press that increasingly reads like the worst Arab press,...

EUROPEAN PRESS? Tom, you are too modest! You are one of the terrorist world's favorite Jewish journalists! (After Daniel Pearl of course...)

....and abetted by the real images of Israeli settlers seizing Palestinian land and uprooting their olive groves.

Hey Tom, that story was disproved last week; the Arabs (likely with help from International (C)Answer and ISM Trotskyites) cut off the top limbs of those olive trees for a photo-op; and previous orchards were torn down BECAUSE THE ARABS WERE USING THEM AS SNIPER'S NESTS & JUMPING-OFF POINTS TO ATTACK JEWS... but we shouldn't let the facts get in the way of your collecting a check from your Saudi backers....

The way to reduce these fires ó which will only worsen with the growth of Muslim populations in Europe ó is by forging a solution to the Palestine issue along the lines of the Clinton plan.

Ah yes, the Clinton plan; the plan from the man, the man with the triple legacy of meeting more with Monica than with his CIA directors, having Arafat in the WH more than any other foreign leader and doing NOTHING TO GET BIN LADEN.

Yes, the Clinton plan that would have carved up Israel and given Arafat half of Jerusalem, AND THAT STILL WASN'T ENOUGH FOR THEM. In other words, Tom, you want to bring back a plan they already rejected. Talk about stalling for time, Tom. Why don't you just tell your Arab friends to bring back the Hudna! They just need more time to re-arm!

Nothing would do more to extinguish this new anti-Semitism than an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal ó followed by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, the custodian of Mecca and Medina, carrying out his promise to normalize relations with Israel once such an accord is reached.

Tom, you must be on drugs. The Saudi initiated Roadkill / Roadcrap that you ferried to the Arabists at the U.S. State department is almost over; maybe you haven't heard, but the Arabs' karma just ran over their dogma!

Unfortunately, right now both the House of Saud and the House of Sharon prefer to buy time by relying on police rather than political initiatives. In the long run, this won't work. Both need to take on their Wahhabis: the Muslim Wahhabi extremists who are choking Saudi Arabia's future and the Jewish Wahhabi settlers who are doing the same to Israel.

"Jewish Wahhabi settlers"... I am sure that Tom is proud of that phrase... and it's very likely that if you google that phrase in a few weeks it will show up in hundreds if not thousands of pro-terror, anti-Israel and anti-American websites. How much longer before Tom completely joins the euro-trash left and calls us Jewish Nazis, and endorses, h"v, shooting down the "Brooklyn Settlers?"

Time to take out the trash. To call Tom Friedman a complete moron is to do a disservice to the mentally handicapped. With articles like these he is a danger to Israel AND America. Someone in Congress needs to inquire if Tom is a registered agent of the Saudis.

If anyone still has the hardcopy, please tell me what company's ad(s) ran next to this op-ed? They need to be informed that we don't buy products from companies that help Tom peddle the Saudi line... If we tell them loudly enough, maybe Tom will move back to Mecca where he is more comfortable.


Trust In G-d, But Tell President Bush His Roadmap Leads To Hell.

When your children and your grandchildren ask what you did to help save Israel, what will you tell them? When they read how most American Jews kept quiet during the Holocaust, and then ask did you speak up when the Arabist U.S. State Department convinced Pres. Bush to put the squeeze on Israel, what will you tell them? That you emailed the White House?

The White House doesn't read the emails; they only count the letters, the faxes and the phone calls. Take any and all of the text and/or pictures from below and write, fax and call the White House, Congress and the Republican National Committee today.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
COMMENTS: 202-456-1111
SWITCHBOARD: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
TTY/TDD Phone Numbers (for the Hearing Impaired Only)
202-456-6213 Comment Line

Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Phone: 202.863.8500
Fax: 202.863.8820
General Information: info@rnc.org, chairman@rnc.org, jack.oliver.deputychairman@rnc.org

The Republican Jewish Coalition also wants to hear from you: make sure you CC hvederman@rjchq.org,
Click here to contact your Senators and Congressional representative.

Bush thinks American Jewish machers back his plan.

But since when do the liberal Bronfmans and the ultraleftists at Peace-Morons Now stand for the safety and security of Israel? (While we are wringing our hands, these leftists have mounted a concerted letter-writing effort to contact Congress and the White House telling them that Jews like you are stupid enough to believe there is a dire need for YET ANOTHER NEW ARAB TERROR STATE.

While the leftwing media swoons over their Protocolesque Jewish/neocon/cabal fantasy in the White House, Bush listens to Colin "The Saudi's are our friends" Powell.

Powell, who so resents us from when he was a little Shabbos Goy that the first person he acknowledged at the last AIPAC dinner was Socialist International wunderkind and Koffi Annan-buddy Shimon Peres, Peres, who can't jump fast enough to trade Jewish lives for Israeli-Arab votes. While we sit on our tuches', Powell is hinting to Bush and Karl Rove that "most Jews won't vote for you no matter how you do it, so lets keep the Saudis happy while we make up our minds how to deal with Iran; remember we have to turn Iran around without destroying their infrastructure so that this time the Russians can get paid; then Putin will stop fighting our access to the gas lines in the Caucasus... so, Mr. President, the only way this is going to happen is if we appease the Muslims..."


A November nightmare for President Bush?

While JewPoint and many other American Jews prefer to hope that President Bush does win reelection because he is the best hope for America, by squeezing Israel he can screw it up not only for himself but for also for America.

President Bush, does the phrase "blowback" ring any bells? Those who can remember our support for the Afghan mujahedeen to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan ("a necessary evil...") should ask Karl Rove how your administration will explain it when this "Palestinian" state they are so excited about is allowed to purchase weapons as a sovereign nation, and when they can issue passports so their "student pilots" can come here for "take-off only school." Are you willing to gamble they will only "fly" to Tel Aviv? Mr. President, your mission is to protect Israel in order to protect America.

Mr. President, you're not a lock in 2004. A further declining economy and G-d forbid, one of your staffers gets caught in a scandal and you are going to need every vote you can get; especially those of Republican Jews, both religious and secular (and the disaffected Democratic Jewish voters who we have all heard confessing they were glad Gore lost).

We know you value loyalty, President Bush, and we have stuck with you while we were blamed for 9/11, and while you played kissy-face with CAIR and other supporters of Hamas and Islamic Jihad even as they and the Puchananites joined forces with the PLO flag-carrying leftists and blamed us for the liberation of Iraq.

But now when we dare argue over White House policy with Israel, we are told to "get back in line."

We have no more need to stay "in line" than the millions of American backers of the 2nd Amendment who are pressuring you on the Assault Weapons Ban. Or the millions of Christians who are concerned with your position on abortion and homosexuality.

President Bush, "he who is merciful to the cruel winds up being cruel to the merciful":

STOP PRESSURING ISRAEL; no more concessions without total elimination of Hamas, Hesballah and Fatah.

Copy and paste any of this text and fax the White House and Republican National Committee today.


It was and should be those of us Jews who understand, along with Tom DeLay, Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich, Donald Rumsfeld et al that ISRAEL'S SECURITY is what guarantees America's!

But after you said no new Arab leadership with bloody hands, you had Powell stuff Abbas down our throats, the same Abbas who financed the Munich Olympic attacks and NEVER RENOUNCED the PLO's phased plan for the destruction of Israel.

Mr. President, you have said that Israel's security as America's ally was paramount; but now you send Powell to cut Jerusalem in half and force Israel back to the pre 1967 Auschwitz lines which members of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff have said are indefensible and will only lead to the destruction of Israel.

Mr. President, maybe you have enough support banked for 2004 that you don't care if Republican Jews sit out the election. But what about the million Jewish Democrats who since 9/11 have been quietly whispering "thank G-d Bush won, Gore would have surrendered America ALONG with Israel..." You think you can get them to secretly pull the Republican lever in 2004 when, G-d forbid, Jewish blood is flowing in the streets as your mideast-peace-at-any-price-to-Israel-legacy comes aborning with an AK in one hand and a homicide belt in the other? Has Powell lied to you and told you that Fatah et al will be pacified in time for your next election?

Mr President, we respect you for turning away from Arafat, we respect you for the strength and dignity you have brought to the Oval Office, we are grateful to you for destroying Saddam Hussein, enemy of America and Israel, but Mr. President, IN THE WEEK THAT COLIN POWELL VISITED Israel, there were a homicide bombing in Tel Aviv 50 yards from the U.S. Consulate, 2 road killings of Israelis by members of Fatah controlled by your "new" Prime Minister, 3 al Queda attacks in Saudi Arabia, and 3 bombings in Pakistan.

Mr. President, there is a pattern here: when you reward terrorists, THEY GIVE YOU MORE TERRORISM.

Mr. President, while you are arm-twisting PM. Sharon to bend over to Russia, the EU and the UN (all such big allies of the U.S.), your own State Department representative William Burns was meeting with ultra-leftwing terrorist supporting groups telling them how to destroy the alliance between Christian and Jewish supporters of the Republican party.

Mr. President, there is a pattern here: even as you rightfully led the destruction of a major terror, your ENEMIES have hoodwinked you into the creation of ANOTHER full blown state sponsor of terrorism.

Mr. President, please tell us why we have a need for another artificially created ARAB STATE whose population danced with joy on 9/11?

Mr. President, we humbly submit that America can now do what it wants to bring democracy and free markets to Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran WITHOUT insuring the destruction of Israel, America's ONLY consistent ally.

Mr. President, we applaud your efforts to help bring peace to the Middle East, not only for it's benefits to Israel, but most assuredly for it's benefit to the U.S.

But could you please explain to the American people, given all the above, as America rightfully finishes destroying the terrorist regime of Saddam Hussein, why is your administration so eagerly pressing forward to create ANOTHER TERRORIST REGIME in the bosom of America's strongest ally in the Middle East?


REMEMBER: The White House and Congress don't read emails; they only count the letters, the faxes and the phone calls. And take a moment to write PM Sharon and his cabinet, and tell them to hold fast, and not cave in to the those who would harm Israel. Contact numbers for the Israeli Government can be found by clicking here

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

The White House Phone Numbers
COMMENTS: 202-456-1111
SWITCHBOARD: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
TTY/TDD Phone Numbers (for the Hearing Impaired Only)
202-456-6213 Comment Line

Republican National Committee
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Phone: 202.863.8500
Fax: 202.863.8820
General Information: info@rnc.org, chairman@rnc.org, jack.oliver.deputychairman@rnc.org

Click here to contact your Senators and Congressional representative.


G-d to Host New Reality TV Show;
Entitled "Life"

New York ó In a smashing blow to the mainstream television networks, HBO is planning on launching its own new original reality TV series to be hosted by G-d Himself, bangitout.com has learned.

The program, which will air indefinitely, will be called ìLife.î

ìWe had to make a lot of calls and pull a lot of strings to convince God to do this powerful event,î said Fred Silverpants, a chief HBO executive, who admitted that ìSopranosî star James Gandolfini was first offered the top spot.

Click here to read the full story on this ground-shaking entertainment biz scoop...

Click here to see perfect gifts for your left-wing friends, including the bestseller, "PROTESTING FOR IDIOTS"


What Ari Fleischer should be saying in the White House press briefing:

"The reason we are not going to respond to your baiting questions on "timetables, progress and expectations" and why we are NOT going to comment on whether the Iraqi Fedayeen (who are shooting women and children in the back) "has surprisingly "more fight" than we expected..."


What we can tell you traitors is that Americans have been writing to the White House every day to tell us they will be boycotting YOUR advertisers because of your pro-Iraqi anti-U.S. coverage."


Looking for an easy, inexpensive and effective way to support our troops?

(a) Scroll down just a little past "Note From The Editor" and come to the rally to Support Our Troops!

(b) Click here to donate phone cards so soldiers can call home!


"Please tell me, how does keeping Saddam in power bring peace and justice to the people of Iraq?"

click here to listen to an Iraqi expat explain the facts of life (and death) to a left-wing pinhead anti-war student.


Note From The Editor

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In NYC, Sunday, March 23rd, twelve noon, please join us in Times Square and show your support for America, for our Armed Forces and for the war against terrorism.


Courtesy of Registered@aol.com

Who is against liberating Iraq?

Look closely at this photo accompanying Ira Rifkin's 2/19/03 Restraint vs. Retaliation in Jewsweek.

Jewsweek's caption reads: SIGN OF THE TIMES: A man holds a sign depicting U.S. President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, during a rally and march by Israelis and Palestinians protesting a possible US-led war against Iraq, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Saturday, Feb. 15, 2003. The sign reads: Stop this crazy war.

Look closely at the upper left corner of the protest sign in the photo (yes, to the right of the boob holding the Red Communist Flag). Ulpan Aleph students should be able to read it; that's the sticker for the Israeli/Arab Communist party "Hadash". More "friends" of America and Israel...


Hollywood Foreign Policy Review and...

Real (really real!) interviews with last month's peace protestors morons.

Click here to see video.

Also by the same talented team:


Ok, we read our email: Why do some liberals, artists & women approve of Iraq's gulag?

Excerpted from How Many People Has Saddam Killed? By John F. Burns in the January 27, 2003 New York Times.

"Enemies of the state" are eliminated, and their spouses, adult children and even cousins are often tortured and killed along with them...

... The terror is self-compounding, with the state's power reinforced by stories that relatives of the victims pale to tell — of fingernail-extracting, eye-gouging, genital-shocking and bucket-drowning. Secret police rape prisoners' wives and daughters to force confessions and denunciations. There are assassinations, in Iraq and abroad, and, ultimately, the gallows, the firing squads and the pistol shots to the head...

... Casualties from Iraq's gulag are harder to estimate. Accounts collected by Western human rights groups from Iraqi ZmigrZs and defectors have suggested that the number of those who have "disappeared" into the hands of the secret police, never to be heard from again, could be 200,000. As long as Mr. Hussein remains in power, figures like these will be uncheckable, but the huge toll is palpable nonetheless...

... "You have killed me, and killed my family," one minder said after a photographer for The New York Times made unauthorized photographs of an exhibition of statues of the Iraqi dictator during a November visit to Baghdad's College of Fine Arts.
.... More recently, according to Iraqis who fled to Jordan and other neighboring countries, scores of women have been executed under a new twist in a "return to faith" campaign proclaimed by Mr. Hussein. Aimed at bolstering his support across the Islamic world, the campaign led early on to a ban on drinking alcohol in public. Then, some time in the last two years, it widened to include the public killing of accused prostitutes...

... Often, the executions have been carried out by the Fedayeen Saddam, a paramilitary group headed by Mr. Hussein's oldest son, 38-year-old Uday. These men, masked and clad in black, make the women kneel in busy city squares, along crowded sidewalks, or in neighborhood plots, then behead them with swords. The families of some victims have claimed they were innocent of any crime save that of criticizing Mr. Hussein.

Maybe some women artists and liberals can explain their vocal opposition to the liberation of Iraq. Is their hatred for President Bush, America and Israel so strong that they support the rape, mutilation and beheading of women and children?


Sick of Hollywood's vilest venting against America and Israel? Can't manage to cancel your cable TV?

Send this letter to Variety; they'll get the message:

To: variety@espcomp.com

Subject: message to Hollywood;

Thanks Liam Neeson, for signing on to do a flick about Dr. Kinsey, and thanks for making sure that the film doesn't mention that Kinsey worked with a Nazi pedophile.

Thanks, Sean Penn, for giving encouragement to Saddam Hussein to kill more people;

Thanks Martin Sheen, for standing in front of communist, anarchist and pro-Islamic terrorist's flags; we really appreciated you and Susan Sarandon marching with those who would destroy America and Israel;

And thanks George Clooney for your stupid comments about politics, and especially your zinger about Charlton Heston's alzheimers.

I am sorry to say that I won't be seeing any of your movies or any TV production that any of you are affiliated with, EVER AGAIN.

Please send my regards to the crews on your projects who can thank you for their lower salaries and percentages, and please feel free to forward this to the stock-holders and the Boards of Director's of the companies who are considering wasting their money on your future projects.

PS - Be sure and let us know when you have made it to Hollywood Squares...


From Ann Coulter's Slander - Liberal Lies About The American Right.

"... Indeed, an attack on America by fanatical Muslims had finally provided liberals with a religion they could respect. Heretofore liberals deemed voluntary student prayers at high school football games a direct assault on the Constitution. But it was of urgent importance that Islamic terrorists being held in Guantanamo be free to practise their religion. This despite the fact that we had been repeatedly instructed that the terrorists were not practicing "true Islam..."

[Note - I have no connection to Ann Coulter nor to the linked bookstore in the above title; I do believe it's a great book, and the store is worth supporting, as they have endured picketing by Anti-Israel morons who are miffed that the owner pulled his donations from NPR... ]


Always tip your Shabbos goy well at the Dime-a-Dance: Powell's Manage a Quatre, aka Le Ballet "Road-Kill Juif."

Always tip your Shabbos goy well at the Dime-a-Dance: Powell's Manage a Quatre, aka Le Ballet "Road-Kill Juif."

In a 01/08/03 article focussing on U.S. aid to Israel, Barry Schweid writes:

.... "Israel probably would receive additional aid if it reached a settlement with the Palestinians,. .."
What planet is THIS guy on? Is this indicative of how stupid Israelis are, or how stupid Americans THINK Israelis are? Under Ehud Slimfast Barak, Israel never got a dime for simultaneously running from (thus insuring Syria and Hezbollah's takeover of) Lebanon, despite promises from Clinton et al.
Which part of "no money down, ha-ha, sorry no money later" doesn't Israel get?
Schwied continues on the schnide with "... but the Bush administration agreed last year to put its mediation on hold until after Israel's elections."
Either this author is deaf and stupid, or his State Department plant thinks we are: According to President Bush, U.S.-led mediation is off till ARAFAT is OUT...
Oh, but we forgot Powell's Manage a Quatre, aka Le Ballet "Road-Kill Juif."
How ironic that then-General Powell nancy-boyed out of Iraq because he couldn't outflank the LW media on the Kuwait City - Baghdad Highway of death, and now he's determined to turn ISRAEL into a turkey shoot with a return to indefensible 1967 borders.
The lesson for today's Jew?
Always tip your Shabbos goy well...you never know when he could grow up to be the Secretary of State of the U.S. AND the Playtoy of the Arab world.


Connie Chung, CNN's Angel of Death.

On Dec. 10, 2002, Chung juxtaposed an interview of has-been actor Mike Farrell and loser comic Janeane Garofalo (both representing 100 Hollywood no-nothings supporting Saddam against the U.S.) with an interview of the parents of three members of the U.S. Armed Forces who are being deployed to the Middle East.

Even those readers not aware of the Gold Star Mothers program from past wars will most certainly and sadly catch Connie's disgusting and grim "drift"...

CHUNG: All right, thank you, Mike. Mike Farrell, we thank you so much for being with us.

Janeane, also appreciate it.

On the other side of this debate tonight, we have two people who have a lot on the line if the U.S. attacks Iraq. William and Mary Staun have three children: Rosemarie, the oldest, is stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, along with her husband. She's expecting to go to Kuwait next month. William is a tank gunner already deployed to Kuwait. And Peggy is in the military police at Fort Benning, Georgia. She's been told she's also heading for the Middle East soon.

"USA Weekend" put all three on the cover, because it's so unusual for that many siblings all to head into combat. And that's also why we wanted to speak with their parents, who join us from Cincinnati.

Mary and William Staun, thank you so much for being with us. ...

CHUNG: Mary, there's that old tradition of putting a star out in the window for each of your children. You've done that, haven't you?

M. STAUN: Yes.

CHUNG: And, of course, the way it goes is, you change the color of a star if indeed there is anything untoward that happens to your children. But I know you -- is it white that's out there now?

M. STAUN: I've got white ones.

CHUNG: And then you change the color to gold or yellow if something...

M. STAUN: Right.

CHUNG: Well, you haven't bought any gold or yellow fabric, have you?

M. STAUN: No. And I'm not going to for a long time.

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