Newt Gingrich Speaks @ AIPAC (no teleprompter)

Newt starts at 2 minutes after the introduction if you care to fast forward. In the first few moments it's a little odd as he is speaking remotely (out on the campaign). and the audio doesn't include the AIPAC audience's responses for which he is pausing.

Among many high points, what is remarkable about Gingrich's comments is how he makes the connection between Øbama's (and other President's) failure to make America energy independent, and America's need to stop Øbowing to our AND ISRAEL'S ENEMIES. He promises on day one, right after signing an Order to move America's embassy to Jerusalem, to move forward on drilling for more oil and approving pipelines.

He was also very clear noting that this administration's refusal to even use the phrase "RADICAL ISLAM" has not only caused the death of many Americans at home and abroad, but is also emboldening Israel's enemies.

A must-listen-to speech.

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