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Here's an experiment: Pick any event in history and type it into Google. Next, type the word "Zionists" and hit the search button.

Yes, you'll find at lease ten web pages that prove the Zionists are behind everything. Now, I know that we're "responsible" for the War on Terror, War in Iraq, and both World Wars...but I'm always surprised to learn that we're also responsible for the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia, Pokemon, and Hurricane Katrina.
Go to the link above for the source including the google results, and you will also find Judeosphere to be a refreshing blog for those who support America and Israel in the WOT.

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What do Israeli and Venezuelan socialists have in common? THEY BOTH NEED TO DISARM JEWS.

Chavez Goons Raid Venezuelan Jewish Center
Richard Cooper December 05, 2007.

Before the December 2nd vote on the referendum changing the constitution to expand Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's powers and cement his plan to transform the South American major oil producer into a socialist utopia, his armed security agents raided a Jewish center in Caracas, Club Hebraica. They were supposedly searching for arms and none were found.

rest of (and link to) article above.

HC: "Look there, Amanutjob, that jino Ohmerde is doing our work for us!"
MA: "Hey Hugo, I guess that's where the word "Judenrat" comes from!"


And so it begins...
"Judea and Samaria: IDF Rounding Up Jews' Weapons"

(Where is our Mattathias?*)

"The IDF is conducting a large scale operation to confiscate weapons from the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, according to Channel 10 TV. The purpose of the operation is described as "putting the settlers' gun permits in order."

The security coordinators of the communities in Samaria have been summoned to a meeting with IDF officers Thursday, and community leaders are convinced that the IDF intends to collect many of the weapons in the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria..."
rest of (and link to) the original article above.

First they will disarm them, then when they are attacked by Fatah and Hamas and can't fight back, the IDF and media will claim they are indefensible "just like in Gaza" and we will have the defacto pullback from all of Judea and Samaria.

And forget holding the "Blocks", President Bush got the straight dope from Condi after her lesson at the knees of Baker and the Fauds:

American Jews will barely stand up for Israel, & even of those that do, most won't help out with other American (but not Israel focused) politically conservative issues (i.e., abortion & 2nd Amendment), and most important, few if any Jews (right–wing or otherwise) actively support drilling for oil in Alaska or on the East, West & Gulf coasts, (and the U.S. enviro left, filled with jinos, hasn't allowed ONE NEW OIL REFINERY TO BE BUILT IN THE U.S. for decades).

So... you don't have to be a chacham (genius) to figure out that "no Jewish support for U.S. energy independence" means that Baker & Condi got the Saudis to "promise" to keep it under $100/barrel through the next election, and WHOOPS, down go the Jews into the well.

And with a fool like Ohmerde now trading away half his country to avoid his certain indictment, after the disarmed Jews are pulled out run for their lives out of "the West Bank", then its half of Yerushalayim including the Kotel to the arabs, and then finally, "why should the Jews have Tel Aviv, isn't the Knesset built on "arab land"..."?

Next big biz opportunity on the Israeli stock exchange - HvS...

For immediate release: Technion designs personal inflatable life–rafts,nicknamed "life-rats", to be carried by every Jew for "quick deployment on the beaches at Tel Aviv.... after inflation, in English and Ivrit it is printed on the top:

"Will the last Jew leaving the former Eretz Israel please turn out the lights?"

* EDITORS NOTE: Where is our Mattathias?*


Annapolis: OLIVER NORTH gets it...

Peace Process? By Oliver North.
As my FOX News team left the United States for our ninth embedment with U.S. combat troops in Iraq, the headlines were all about the resurrected "Mideast peace process." European papers touted the conference in Annapolis, Md., as a "long overdue breakthrough" because Syria attended. Buried deep in all these stories is the observation that Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas all have condemned the conference and its goals.

It's doubtful that radical Islamists such as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran, Hezbollah's Sheik Hassan Nasrallah or Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh ever will accept Israel's existence or Western-style secular, consensual government in the Middle East. That, however, doesn't mean their followers can't be persuaded otherwise...
Click on link above for full article.


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Video: Radio host Neal Boortz confronts muslim caller on "muslim outrage": See it before uTube pulls it (again);

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Captions: Absolutely Anti-Jihad

(Click image to enlarge)


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Jihad nevilles

Jihad-appeasing Neville Chamberlains alive & well; British butt-kissers of the sand-nazis hit the trifecta!.

First up is British Report Calls to Develop Ties with Syria
Monday, August 13, 2007 - 07:10 PM

DAMASCUS, T.V Monitoring (SANA) - A report prepared by Foreign Affairs committee at the British House of Commons called the British government to develop relations with Syria, which plays a major role in the region's key issues.

Al-Jazeera Satellite TV Channel quoted Monday the report as saying "the British foreign policy harmed the country's reputation and credibility in the Arab and Islamic worlds, calling for direct contacts not only with Hamas but with Hizbullah through its MPs in the Lebanese parliament...
Hmm, no comment on the decades long Syrian oppression of Lebanon? Nothing about Hezbullah destabilizing Lebanon? Nothing about Syria buying hundreds of missiles and threatening to destroy Tel Aviv? Maybe the Brits just want a piece of the Russian's new Syrian navy base...

hey, it's just Jews, Lets move on...

Next we have UK blocks Israel arms deals.
Aug. 14, 2007 0:14 | Updated Aug. 14, 2007 15:07


The British government has blocked almost one third of British military exports to Israel this year, citing possible threats to regional stability and fears the equipment might facilitate human rights violations...
Hmm, lets see, thousands of Kassam rockets fired indiscriminately at Israeli civilians, but the UK is worried that the IDF might accidentaly hit some arab children used as human shields by armed Hamas and Fatah terrorists...

Finally, we have Boycott of Hamas is counterproductive: British MPs
By Simon Rabinovitch Mon Aug 13, 9:23 AM ET LONDON (Reuters)

Britain's and the international community's refusal to speak to the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas is doing more harm than good, a British parliamentary committee said on Monday...

..."The government should urgently consider ways of engaging politically with moderate elements within Hamas," the all-party group of lawmakers> said.
Hey, Britain, we have your moderate elements within Hamas" right here!

HAMAS: "The Final Goal of the Resistance is to Wipe This Entity Off the Face of the Earth"
"We are making the preparations for a confrontation. This is not because we need to be prepared for an Israeli act of aggression - after all, aggression is intrinsic to this entity - but because the final goal of the resistance is to wipe this entity off the face of the Earth. This goal necessitates the development of the capabilities of the resistance, until this entity is wiped out..."
Now tell us again, what was all that whining about bus bombings in Londonistan? Maybe it's time to scratch the UK from our travel and shopping plans...



Hamas: “The extermination of the Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds.”
And now you understand why Nancy Pelosi is dangerous for America and Israel:

Because this moron sat down with the Syrian government that supports Hamas!
Tell Speaker Pelosi to stop undermining America and Israel's War on Jihadist terror.


Look On The Bright Side: Hamas Anarchy Pushing Thousands Of Arabs To Leave Yesha!

PA Arabs Forbidden by Muslim Leaders to Flee Street Violence (click here for full article at A7)
....Thousands of Muslim worshippers living in PA-controlled territories are trying to flee their increasingly violent surroundings. Their religious leaders are doing what they can to force them to stay...

Sheikh Hamad Al-Bitawi, a Muslim religious leader and Hamas member, has announced that Arab Muslims are forbidden to emigrate from Israel.

Al-Bitawi ruled recently that Muslims must remain in order to counteract the fast growth of the Jewish population. Thousands of Jews arrive in Israel each month, Al-Bitawi said. It “makes the heart weep,” he told PA residents.

Despite Muslim leaders’ protests, however, thousands of Arabs are abandoning their homes and flooding out of Israel every month, particularly from Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

PA Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Suboh told reporters at a news conference in Ramallah last November that 10,000 Arabs had received permits from foreign and Arab diplomats to enter their countries since July 2006...

...Suboh added that some 45,000 more had requested permission to emigrate since the deterioration in the economic situation and constant violence between the Fatah and Hamas terrorist groups.
And don't let the door hit you on the way out, Mr. and Mrs. Achmed...

Now, if the jino left would only leave with them...


Captions: Condi Rice, naivete

Wake Up, Already!

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Barak Hussein Obama warns Israel, woos muslims & dumb dem jinos applaud.

File photo above is originally from the website of former Farrakan organizer & recently sworn-in muslim congressman Keith Ellison-Muhammed.
"Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama said Tuesday that America needs to ask Israel to help change the status quo in its conflict with the Palestinians, the only candidate at a National Jewish Democratic Council conference to suggest that there is any onus on the Jewish state when it comes to making peace with its neighbors...."

..."The [mostly JEWISH] audience applauded his words, which came in response to a question on how firm his backing for Israel was in light of the support he has received throughout his career from the Muslim American community.

Obama said that the premise of the query was "false," as the support he's received from the Jewish community "has been far more significant than any support I've received in the Muslim American community, although I welcome and actively seek support in the Muslim community as well."

"He also noted that he spent some of his childhood overseas in Muslim-dominated Indonesia. There, he learned some of the local vocabulary and customs."

Oh yes, we mustn't forget those Jew-loving Indonesians that Obama learned from.

Here's a free vocabulary lesson for Barack Hussein Obama:
"ALLAH FUBAR, and the donkey you're riding in on!"

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SNL gets Osama Pass: Judaism = Jihad

SNL tries to smack Cheney & Bush, winds up equating Judaism with religion of rage.

In his latest weakly (sic) Bush and America bashing animation, SNL's R. Smigel (presumably with self-loathing SNL producer Lorne Michael Lipowitz' "blessing" (l'havdil)) has "Cheney's robot" flushing the jihadis terror manual into a toilet.

Aside from not having the Scandinavian courage to actually depict flushing the koranus straight to mecca, SNL's ace animator Smigel has the robot also holding and about to flush a Tanakh*...(screen shot from animation below).

Hat tip to HotAir (original video of the clip here).

(*Tanakh is the Hebrew acronym for the complete Jewish writings including the 5 Books of Torah, all of the Prophets, and many other important writings, including Psalms and Proverbs... )

We can only guess what went down in the SNL pre-production meeting:

"Ok, we need to draw in 5 korans, you know, muslim holy books..."

"Not me, man, you do it!"

"Not on my show, don't show the title of the book - I ain't no Daniel Pearl! I want to keep my head!"

"Hey Lorne, what's that book I saw propping up your VCR, that looks like Arabic!"

"No, that's just some old Hebrew thing, upside down, yeah, WTH, both religions are too violent, go ahead and use that."
Nice work, morons. Guess what, they are coming for you right after us.


Captions: Pelosi betrays America, swears in Ellison on Thomas Jefferson's "koran".

(Click image to enlarge)

And why did Thomas Jefferson even have a koran? Not because he was a dhimmie! 

Once again, a Christian supporter of America (and Israel) shows us the reality about islam, as opposed to the jinos in Minnesota who applauded this mumzer Ellison and his buddy Obama...)
Excerpted from Thomas Jefferson's Koran by William Welty, Ph.D. 
"Jefferson also figured that the best way to learn about the political, military, social, economic, and religious agendas of America’s enemies was to read the best textbook on all things Muslim. So he read the Koran in what for his day was a state-of-the-art translation into English directly from the Arabic. Jefferson’s copy of the Koran equipped him with everything he needed to know on how to respond to threats from the caliphates of the early 1800s.
So, in response to a declaration of war on the nascent United States of America by the Barbary Coast caliphates, Thomas Jefferson sent the USS Constitution to the Mediterranean in 1803. The fighting during these days saw many acts of heroism that established the U.S. Navy as a force to be reckoned with.
Then, in 1805, the Constitution supported the landing of Marines “on the shores of Tripoli” in an action that was subsequently immortalized in the Marine Corps Hymn. The Americans and their allies destroyed the harbor citadel at Derna that served as the headquarters for the pirates.
The first blue-water ocean-going war machine of the new United States Navy turned the Tripoli harbor from state-of-the-art fortifications (state-of-the-art for 18th century Muslims, that is) back to 7th century piles of rubble. The United States Navy literally freed the Mediterranean and the world from domination by militant Islam for nearly 200 years.
The crew of the USS Constitution beat the tar out of those international terrorists. That led to a peace treaty that lasted for almost two hundred years until September 11th, 2001, when conservative, Wahhabi-type, radical Islam killed nearly 3,000 Americans.
Jefferson’s resolve to fight had its genesis in his reading the Koran as the best source of all things Muslim. Jefferson knew that 18th century Americans were in danger from what we call today conservative, Wahhabi-type, radical Islam."
In other words, Keith "The Genius" Ellison just got sworn in on a book that Jefferson used to help America crush Islam. Not sure who is the bigger idiot: Ellison, or the voters who put him there.

We should all take a hint from Jefferson...