JTA's puff piece on Kerry's new Jewish guy.

The call of Washington lures a Clinton man to Kerry campaign: May 12, 2004
Footlik ordered coffee and listened to the hourly news on the radio: President Bush wanted the Israeli army immediately to leave the West Bank towns where it was pursuing an aggressive campaign against Palestinian terrorists after a Passover suicide bombing killed almost 30 people.

What he didn't hear upset him even more: Where was Bush's plan to bring the parties back to peace talks?
So instead of being upset at Pres. Bush's faux complaint while Israel "was pursuing an aggressive campaign against Palestinian terrorists" Footlik wants to kibbitz a bissel more Oslocide?
"You can't say you care about the safety and security of Israelis and not be involved," Footlik said.
Actually, you can't say "you care about the safety and security of Israelis" when you are doing NOTHING TO FORCE ARABS TO STOP TERRORISM.
"Israel is less secure when our country takes a step back. That's what Bush has done for four years."
What a load of chazzerai: President Bush may have foolishly bought Tom Friedman's Saudi inspired Roadmap of Death, but at least the President had the sechel/brains to insist that there would be no new state of Terrorstine until the Arabs clamped down on terrorism.

The Arabs haven't clamped down, and notwithstanding Sharon's dog-wagging attempt to avoid indictment by handing over Gaza, Israel is not being forced by Gore-son-of-Clinton / Annan / Albright to hand over 1/2 of Jerusalem and 92% of Yesha to Yasser Arafat!

Footlik is a former member of the Clinton death-kiss crowd. To the detriment of Israel, Clinton met with Arafat MORE THAN ANY OTHER FOREIGN LEADER; to the detriment of the United States, Clinton met with Arafat more than he met with his own U.S. National Security Advisors.

Footlik and his cronies Ross, Indyk, and Berger ignored warnings that Arafat was never interested in a two state solution. Then they ignored those who noted Arafat's speech in Arabic after "the handshake" where Arafat characterized his appearance on the White House lawn as a temporary tactic.

End result? More Israeli dead and wounded.

With friends like Footlik and John Kerry, Israel could look forward to being ordered to disinter Sheik Yassin and propping him up as head of Gaza.

... His existence since 1999 - freelancing in Israel as a consultant to a number of peace-promoting groups...
Lovely... Did Footlik "consult" with the "peace-promoting groups" who urged Tzahalniks to refuse to serve, or did he speak up against the blatant sedition?

Did he set up, did he attend, or did he speak out against the meetings held by "tear down the settlements!" Ambassador Kurtzer and long-term State department Arabist William Burns, where they advised Gush Shalom and other "peace-promoting groups" on how to break up the coalition between right-thinking Jews and the hard-core, Israel-supporting Christian Right in the U.S.?

The other irony that JTA missed is that Kerry's own base doesn't appreciate his recent flip-flopping towards Israel, and they are also not particularly impressed with Footlik!

John Kerry's wife funds hundreds of anti-Israel (and anti-American) groups through her Tides Foundation. As American Jews supportive of Israel's and America's right and obligation to obliterate islamo-fascist terrorism, we don't need nor want Kerry as a President, and we don't need Footlik carrying Kerry's bitter waters.