About JewPoint

JewPoint is a website for news, analysis, satire & discussion based on politically conservative viewpoints (& published by an American Jew).

You don't have to share all of the Jewpoints below (like the famous ad, you don't even have to be Jewish), but if you agree with many of them, we hope you'll bookmark our site, subscribe, come back often, leave some smart comments, & share our articles with people of a like-minded sensibility.

Our "Jewpoint" promotes:

American Exceptionalism.
The U.S. Constitution.
Israeli Exceptionalism.
Respect for "Traditional / Normative / Torah" Judaism and the part that Judaism plays, as part of the Judeo-Christian moral backbone of America.
Smaller Government.
Lower Taxes.
A Strong Defense.
The 2nd Amendment in America (& its exportation to Israel).
Securing the borders of America & of Israel
& enforcement of immigration laws.
The Pro-life Movement in Israel & America.

JewPoint also supports electing candidates who endorse as many of the above points of view as possible, & defeating those who don't.

Our "Jewpoint" is in opposition to:

"Social Justice"
Jihadism (Islam…)
Moral Equivocation

If you disagree with any of our "Jewpoints", hopefully you will read something here that may change your mind. Questions and comments that might further that discussion are welcome.

Time-wasters are not.