Captions: Obama On Smacking Israel for Egyptian Crisis.

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Egypt Tottering? Mubarak's Wife & Heir Apparent Reportedly Flee Cairo For London...

Ok, habibi, I get it: "We know he's going, we don't want to admit it out loud, and we will be really freaked if some crazy muslims takes over..."
The wife of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and their son Gamal, considered the successor to his father as president, have fled to London with 97 suitcases after unprecedented massive protests in Egypt, an Arab website reported.
The plane also carried Gamal's daughter, the Akhbar Arab website reported. It also said a Twitter account was blocked to prevent a social network campaign to urge the ousting of Mubarak, who is over 80 and is reportedly is suffering from cancer.
Dozens of Twitter messages have been sent sayng that Mubarak’s wife Suzanne was identified at Heathrow Airport in London, where she and her son and granddaughter arrived in a private jet.
 If this is confirmed, Mubarak is toast. The only questions now are whether the Egyptian Army can hold off the Muslim Brotherhood, and whether Barack–Hussein–Obama–who–bows–to–Saudis–kings will pull a Carter, and usher in the next islamic tyranny, right on Israel's border...

Obama will use this crisis to back the koranustinians at the UN, demanding that Israel stop building homes for Jews in JERUSALEM, and he'll say he did it to "not further inflame the Arab street during a time of instability..."


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Jihadi Airport Bombers To Putin: 'We coming for your 2014 Olympics, bro!'

Six days after Putin's puppet President Medvedev made his first-ever visit to and repledged Russia's support for a new jihadi cancer to be implanted in Israel, Abbas' fellow koranimals from Chechnya blew up the airport outside of Moscow, killing 35 and wounding over 150.

Along with our condolences, and the "surprise... you reap what you sow" factor, astute readers will note that Al-Reuters had an interesting little tidbit in their "reporting":
Islamist rebels [ah, how nice, Al Reuters calls them rebels....] have vowed to take their bombing campaign from the North Caucasus to the Russian heartland in the year before presidential elections, hitting transport and economic targets. They have also leveled threats at the 2014 Winter Olympics, scheduled for the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, a region some militants consider "occupied."
"Wait, I give the iranian jihadis nukes, I been supporting those palischmuckistinians for years, and now not only do their bastard Checheyn cousins blow up my airport, but now they're claiming THE BLACK SEA RESORTS are ISLAMIC? Somebody pour me a Stoly!"

Folks, we've been telling you for 1300 years; it's all about that Dar el Haab and Dar el Salaam crapola. If it ain't under muslim control now, according to the holy koranus, if it was ever visited by some muslims, IT'S GOT TO, GOT TO, GOT TO BE... ISLAMIFIED....

You're ALL OCCUPIERS of the holy islamic space, thats right, THE EARTH, THE MOON, AND MARS, YOUR TOILET, THEY ARE ALL ISLAMIC, so bend over and convert, or give them your purty neck.

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Good news, Rahm Emanuel sent back for more dancing lessons!

He is such an embarrassment as a Jew. And it's also so ridiculous to read about him being "an Israeli agent from the IDF". I am not sure who I am more sick of hearing that from, the paulistinian (sic) Joo-haters, or from the reverse–cracked-mirror-but–shared–psychosis–Øbamunist–wackos.

The only positive act Emanuel ever did for Israel (and by extension, for America) was when he went to Sarel as an ultra-rear-echelon volunteer and did menial work on an IDF base (so real soldiers could go kill jihadis). For that he gets an attaboy.

Otherwise, he has stabbed Israel and America in the back; as former Israeli Vice–Consul Yoram Ettinger has described it,  Rahm went out of his way to create a false and dangerous linkage between America pressuring Iran with Israel surrendering Jerusalem.

And of course for almost everything Rahm ever did for the Clintons and for Øbama,  he earns the 5-putz award.

Just in case you aren't getting the depth of our love for little Rahmie, be sure and see our combined Palin and Rahm–caption,  as well as watch the hysterical video on how Israelis feel about Rahm Emanuel.

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