Good news, Rahm Emanuel sent back for more dancing lessons!

He is such an embarrassment as a Jew. And it's also so ridiculous to read about him being "an Israeli agent from the IDF". I am not sure who I am more sick of hearing that from, the paulistinian (sic) Joo-haters, or from the reverse–cracked-mirror-but–shared–psychosis–Øbamunist–wackos.

The only positive act Emanuel ever did for Israel (and by extension, for America) was when he went to Sarel as an ultra-rear-echelon volunteer and did menial work on an IDF base (so real soldiers could go kill jihadis). For that he gets an attaboy.

Otherwise, he has stabbed Israel and America in the back; as former Israeli Vice–Consul Yoram Ettinger has described it,  Rahm went out of his way to create a false and dangerous linkage between America pressuring Iran with Israel surrendering Jerusalem.

And of course for almost everything Rahm ever did for the Clintons and for Øbama,  he earns the 5-putz award.

Just in case you aren't getting the depth of our love for little Rahmie, be sure and see our combined Palin and Rahm–caption,  as well as watch the hysterical video on how Israelis feel about Rahm Emanuel.

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