Al-Qaeda media: Mubarak Planning Exile To Tel-Aviv

Al Sleezera reports:
According to sources in the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel is making preparations to welcome Hosni Mubarak into exile after Saudi Arabia rejected overtures.
Complete with a picture of Mubarak mugging with that corrupt, pen-collecting OhMerde who couldn't handle Lebanon when Bush gave him 30 days to clean it up, the comments over there and around the interwebz are going crazy, I tell you, they're going nuts on all the Joo-hating sites.

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Obama and Hillary Helping "Muslim Brotherhood: 'Prepare Egyptians for War With Israel'

Impossible you say? Read on and see how they spent the last 2 years working this game.

First, Hot Air has Obama Green-lighting Muslim Brotherhood participation in Egyptian government, confirming what we reported from the Washington Post last night.

And just today, the Jerusalem Post reports "Muslim Brotherhood: 'Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel':
A leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt told the Arabic-language Iranian news network Al-Alam on Monday that he would like to see the Egyptian people prepare for war against Israel, according to the Hebrew-language business newspaper Calcalist.

Muhammad Ghannem reportedly told Al- Alam that the Suez Canal should be closed immediately, and that the flow of gas from Egypt to Israel should cease “in order to bring about the downfall of the Mubarak regime.” He added that “the people should be prepared for war against Israel,” saying the world should understand that “the Egyptian people are prepared for anything to get rid of this regime.” [more at link]
Ed Morrisey from above at HotAir also reveals that Obama and Hillary deciding to "work" with the Muslim Brotherhood includes using Robert Malley as a outside spokeman for their plans:
“This is different,” said Malley, now with the International Crisis Group. “It has a real political edge and political meaning.”

If the name Robert Malley sounds familiar, it should.

Reuters Using Israeli Press to Blame and Inflame

And of course in using these closing quotes from more narrowly-read Israeli media, Reuters is using Israel to send a message:
Writing in Haaretz, Ari Shavit said Obama had betrayed "a moderate Egyptian president who remained loyal to the United States, promoted stability and encouraged moderation."
To win popular Arab opinion, Obama was risking America's status as a superpower and reliable ally.

"Throughout Asia, Africa and South America, leaders are now looking at what is going on between Washington and Cairo. Everyone grasps the message: "America's word is worthless ... America has lost it."
A win–win for Reuters: They gets to portray Israel as an enemy of Obama and as an obstacle of "freedom" in Egypt, AND Reuters gets the benefit of re-passing on the message to others who either depend on America, and especially those devotees of Reuters propaganda who want to take down those who depend on America:

"America's word is worthless ... America has lost it."
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With Egypt, Ø Is Fulfilling His Islamo-Marxist Dream.

America, Israel and the entire world need to bow down and say "Thank you!" to all who voted in the islamo-marxist, this absolute brilliant idiot who is now going to HAND OVER EGYPT TO THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, the source and original inspiration for Hamas and Al Queda.

From the Washington Compost:

The official said that while the administration was concerned about "some elements" of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and other non-secular groups participating in the demonstrations, it was "not ruling out their legitimacy" and place in a future government.

President Obama was aware that the Muslim Brotherhood and others were in the audience when he spoke of "a new beginning" in a 2009 speech in Cairo that was directed at the Islamic world, the official said. He cited a passage in the speech in which Obama said that "no system of government can or should be imposed by one nation on any other" and that "America respects the right of all peaceful and law-abiding voices to be heard around the world, even if we disagree with them."
G-d help America and Israel for the next two years until the next U.S. election.

And one can only hope that if these jihadis finally and completely take over Egypt, that the only casualties will be those of Ø's minions still actively working to continue his perfidious mission.

Allah Fubar...

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