You've Won a Jihad Pass!

Dear Useful Infidel,

Congratulations! Your application for membership in The Hug Jihad America Society (HUJAS) has been approved!

HUJAS is the affinity group for Americans like you, Americans who support our right to build the 9/11 Victory Mosque overlooking Ground Zero.

Thanks to your HUJAS efforts, we will soon begin work on our next projects, including The Major Nidal Hasan Community Mosque and Shooting Range at Ft. Hood, Texas, and it's sister institution, The Mike Bloomberg Mosque & Institute of Applied Jihad Engineering in Times Square in New York.
    And to show our appreciation for your work in helping us to inject Sharia and build these Mosques in the heart of America, we have enclosed your very own personalized and laminated HUJAS Jihad Pass.

    Your Jihad Pass, printed in Arabic and English, will serve to identify you to Jihadis around the world as a bonafide member of HUJAS, and more importantly, as a Perfectly True Useful Infidel ("PTUI.")

    While membership in HUJAS and designation as a PTUI includes many benefits listed below, the following terms and conditions will apply.

    • Your HUJAS Jihad Pass does not grant you exemption from Sharia Law.
    • All infidels including PTUI’s will be required to wear dhimmie hats and distinctive pieces of cloth to distinguish them from Jihadis.
    • (PTUI’s holding current HUJAS Jihad Passes will get an exclusive opportunity to buy authorized reproductions of the actual dhimmie clothing that the Jews and Christians wore in Jihadi Cordoba in Al-Andalus / Spain!)
    Your HUJAS Jihad Pass will also allow you to earn extra “collaboration” points for any and all further work you do on our behalf.

    For example, all PTUI's in good standing are automatically moved towards the end of the beheading line at all authorized “Islam Means Peace / Interfaith Community Centers”!

    But wait, there’s more!

    As an additional bonus, all PTUI’s presenting their HUJAS Jihad Pass will be entitled to 10% off on a personalized Daniel Pearl style, dotted–line–on–the-neck–tattoo, which will ensure that even the most inexperienced Jihadi will do a clean job.

    And if you act now, you can redeem your collaboration points to guarantee you a very sharp scimitar!

    (Please be sure to properly display the HUJAS Jihad Pass at all times; pinning it to your collar is not recommended; it is preferable to order additional copies of your HUJAS Jihad Pass and have them sewn onto your clothes).

    In closing, dear PTUI, all of us here at HUJAS know that we can count on you for your continued collaboration with us, and with our many fraternal organizations around the world, including Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR.

    All these groups and more will recognize your efforts when you proudly display your HUJAS Jihad Pass, and we all thank you for your invaluable assistance in denigrating and helping us to destroy the Judeo-Christian backbone of America.

    We certainly could not have come this far without your help.

    Sincerely,  HUJAS (Hug Jihad America Society)

    PS To further help our outreach efforts, won’t you please pass this letter on to your family and friends?

    And please feel free to send it to any and all journalists, politicians or celebrities who may qualify for their very own HUJAS Jihad Pass.
    We’re sure you'll agree; collaboration without recognition is very unfair.

    Copyright JewPoint 2010

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    1. "Unlike churches, mosques are not places of spirituality, peace and sanctuary. They are quasi-military citadels and centres of subversion, intimidation and aggression..."

    2. Hat tip to Walid Shoebat and Robert Spencer for exposing Ruaf's lies.

    3. Islam is a religion of peace...and they will kill you to prove it.


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