Sick of Hollywood's vilest venting against America and Israel? Can't manage to cancel your cable TV?

Send this letter to Variety; they'll get the message:

To: variety@espcomp.com

Subject: message to Hollywood;

Thanks Liam Neeson, for signing on to do a flick about Dr. Kinsey, and thanks for making sure that the film doesn't mention that Kinsey worked with a Nazi pedophile.

Thanks, Sean Penn, for giving encouragement to Saddam Hussein to kill more people;

Thanks Martin Sheen, for standing in front of communist, anarchist and pro-Islamic terrorist's flags; we really appreciated you and Susan Sarandon marching with those who would destroy America and Israel;

And thanks George Clooney for your stupid comments about politics, and especially your zinger about Charlton Heston's alzheimers.

I am sorry to say that I won't be seeing any of your movies or any TV production that any of you are affiliated with, EVER AGAIN.

Please send my regards to the crews on your projects who can thank you for their lower salaries and percentages, and please feel free to forward this to the stock-holders and the Boards of Director's of the companies who are considering wasting their money on your future projects.

PS - Be sure and let us know when you have made it to Hollywood Squares...