I had a dream...

that Israel had some serious leaders...

"New Israeli Prime Minister Pinchas Nakam has warned that further terrorism by Arabs could destroy chances for a new independent arab state between Jordan and Israel, and indeed might lead to the expansion of the Israeli state.

The Israeli prime minister stated in a news conference that he may abandon the goal of a new independent Arab state of PaliTerrorstan, and in exchange for ending the 5 year Israeli occupation of Damascus and southeastern Syria, Israel will offer to move the Arabs squatting in Yesha back to Jordan and Syria.

American General Consensus, the Chief of the joint U.S. and Israeli Occupation Forces in Western Syria and Lebanon, reportedly welcomed the Israeli PM's comments.

The Israeli PM noted that repopulating Jordan, where Palestinians would take over from the "little pisher Hashemite" who is currently buying land in Iraq, and Syria, where former dictator Assad was found buried last week in a mass Hizbullah grave in the Bekka Valley, may be the only solution.

"If the Arabs don't finish off wiping out Hamas and Islamic Jihad, under the agreement they made with former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell while he was taking heroin before his surgery for prostate cancer, we would have no other choice," concluded PM Nakam...

Robert Kilroy-Silk spoke a few truths
and the BBC fired him.

What a disgrace; please call us when the BBC stops kneeling to Bin Laden.

The Kilroy programme will be taken off air immediately following comments made by Robert Kilroy-Silk in a newspaper article, the BBC has announced.

The presenter branded Arabs "suicide bombers, limb amputators, women repressors" and asked what they had given to the world other than oil. ... He said Arabs "murdered more than 3,000 civilians on 11 September" and then "danced in the streets" to celebrate.

The BBC happily promotes a "poet" who calls Israelis "nazis" (see below) but when someone tells a few truthes about islam, the "Beeb" bends over like a cheap hooker.

CRE chair Trevor Phillips said: "This article is indisputably stupid and its main effect will be to give comfort to the weak-minded."

Maybe he should the Koran?

"However, given the extreme and violent terms in which Mr Kilroy-Silk has expressed himself, there is a danger that this might incite some individuals to act against someone who they think is an Arab."

If that's true, then "BBC House poet" Tom Paulin should have been flogged for encouraging sand-nazis to slaughter Jews.

Earlier this year Paulin, who lectures in 19th- and 20th-century English
literature at Oxford University, told the influential Egyptian paper
al-Ahram Weekly that what he described as "Brooklyn-born" Jewish
settlers should be "shot dead." He said: "They should be shot dead. I
think they are Nazis, racists, I feel nothing but hatred for them." He
added: "I can understand how suicide bombers feel. . . . I think attacks
on civilians in fact boost morale.

For some reckless verse about Tom Paulin and his ilk, write to Jewpoint for the link; WARNING: contains language not suitable for children nor the faint of heart.


"World Jewry is not an amen chorus"
By Arthur Hertzberg

Whine, whine and more whine from American Jews about "those horrible settlements," and how mean we Jews are to the arabs...

I searched this article by Arthur Hertzberg for the words "terror," "terrorism," "murder," "slaughter," "bomb," "bombing," "dead," and "death," and came up with nothing

" It is morally and politically impossible to defend continuing, relentless pressure to make life more and more miserable for the Palestinians in their homes. "

OMG: RELENTLESS pressure no less!

This is obviously from a man who prefers dead Jews, a"h, to inconvenienced arabs.

What kind of leftwing brainwashing does one have to endure before you can publicly come out and say that the Arabs' destitute situation is due to Jewish pressure, IGNORING THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF AID TO THE ARABS THAT WAS STOLEN AND/OR USED TO FUND THE SLAUGHTER OF JEWS?

More over, if he is so concerned with the condition of the Arabs, WHY DOESN'T HE TELL THE SAUDIS TO GIVE THEM MONEY FOR FOOD INSTEAD OF FOR HOMICIDE BOMBINGS?

Could it be that the Saudis would tell him to take a hike?

L'' havdil I should sound like a Saudi; Rabbi Hertzberg, with all due respect:



Captions: Valentine to the Left from Hamas

(Click image to enlarge)

He was idolized by the leftists who marched against America and Israel. 
The (gratefully posthumous) biography of this spawn of the devil can be read here.

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