I had a dream...

that Israel had some serious leaders...

"New Israeli Prime Minister Pinchas Nakam has warned that further terrorism by Arabs could destroy chances for a new independent arab state between Jordan and Israel, and indeed might lead to the expansion of the Israeli state.

The Israeli prime minister stated in a news conference that he may abandon the goal of a new independent Arab state of PaliTerrorstan, and in exchange for ending the 5 year Israeli occupation of Damascus and southeastern Syria, Israel will offer to move the Arabs squatting in Yesha back to Jordan and Syria.

American General Consensus, the Chief of the joint U.S. and Israeli Occupation Forces in Western Syria and Lebanon, reportedly welcomed the Israeli PM's comments.

The Israeli PM noted that repopulating Jordan, where Palestinians would take over from the "little pisher Hashemite" who is currently buying land in Iraq, and Syria, where former dictator Assad was found buried last week in a mass Hizbullah grave in the Bekka Valley, may be the only solution.

"If the Arabs don't finish off wiping out Hamas and Islamic Jihad, under the agreement they made with former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell while he was taking heroin before his surgery for prostate cancer, we would have no other choice," concluded PM Nakam...

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