"World Jewry is not an amen chorus"
By Arthur Hertzberg

Whine, whine and more whine from American Jews about "those horrible settlements," and how mean we Jews are to the arabs...

I searched this article by Arthur Hertzberg for the words "terror," "terrorism," "murder," "slaughter," "bomb," "bombing," "dead," and "death," and came up with nothing

" It is morally and politically impossible to defend continuing, relentless pressure to make life more and more miserable for the Palestinians in their homes. "

OMG: RELENTLESS pressure no less!

This is obviously from a man who prefers dead Jews, a"h, to inconvenienced arabs.

What kind of leftwing brainwashing does one have to endure before you can publicly come out and say that the Arabs' destitute situation is due to Jewish pressure, IGNORING THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF AID TO THE ARABS THAT WAS STOLEN AND/OR USED TO FUND THE SLAUGHTER OF JEWS?

More over, if he is so concerned with the condition of the Arabs, WHY DOESN'T HE TELL THE SAUDIS TO GIVE THEM MONEY FOR FOOD INSTEAD OF FOR HOMICIDE BOMBINGS?

Could it be that the Saudis would tell him to take a hike?

L'' havdil I should sound like a Saudi; Rabbi Hertzberg, with all due respect:


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