Lefty journos use Preparation Hubris:
"Israel will inflame the terrorists!"

[Received via via email from a smart American Jew committed to the fight against terrorism, and sourced to Paul Greenberg,the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette at Little

... various distinguished pundits, Israeli masochists, and "friends" of the Jewish state now warn that by taking such hasty action against a leader of Hamas after all these years, the Israelis will just inflame the terrorists.

That last piece of advice always brings to mind the story about the two Jews who were being stood against a wall by a Nazi execution squad. Allowed a few last words, the first Jew curses his killers, telling them they will lose the war and roast in Hell and all their crimes will be avenged and . . . then he hears the other Jew whispering in his ear: Shush! You'll make them mad.