Barak Hussein Obama warns Israel, woos muslims & dumb dem jinos applaud.

File photo above is originally from the website of former Farrakan organizer & recently sworn-in muslim congressman Keith Ellison-Muhammed.
"Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama said Tuesday that America needs to ask Israel to help change the status quo in its conflict with the Palestinians, the only candidate at a National Jewish Democratic Council conference to suggest that there is any onus on the Jewish state when it comes to making peace with its neighbors...."

..."The [mostly JEWISH] audience applauded his words, which came in response to a question on how firm his backing for Israel was in light of the support he has received throughout his career from the Muslim American community.

Obama said that the premise of the query was "false," as the support he's received from the Jewish community "has been far more significant than any support I've received in the Muslim American community, although I welcome and actively seek support in the Muslim community as well."

"He also noted that he spent some of his childhood overseas in Muslim-dominated Indonesia. There, he learned some of the local vocabulary and customs."

Oh yes, we mustn't forget those Jew-loving Indonesians that Obama learned from.

Here's a free vocabulary lesson for Barack Hussein Obama:
"ALLAH FUBAR, and the donkey you're riding in on!"

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