SNL gets Osama Pass: Judaism = Jihad

SNL tries to smack Cheney & Bush, winds up equating Judaism with religion of rage.

In his latest weakly (sic) Bush and America bashing animation, SNL's R. Smigel (presumably with self-loathing SNL producer Lorne Michael Lipowitz' "blessing" (l'havdil)) has "Cheney's robot" flushing the jihadis terror manual into a toilet.

Aside from not having the Scandinavian courage to actually depict flushing the koranus straight to mecca, SNL's ace animator Smigel has the robot also holding and about to flush a Tanakh*...(screen shot from animation below).

Hat tip to HotAir (original video of the clip here).

(*Tanakh is the Hebrew acronym for the complete Jewish writings including the 5 Books of Torah, all of the Prophets, and many other important writings, including Psalms and Proverbs... )

We can only guess what went down in the SNL pre-production meeting:

"Ok, we need to draw in 5 korans, you know, muslim holy books..."

"Not me, man, you do it!"

"Not on my show, don't show the title of the book - I ain't no Daniel Pearl! I want to keep my head!"

"Hey Lorne, what's that book I saw propping up your VCR, that looks like Arabic!"

"No, that's just some old Hebrew thing, upside down, yeah, WTH, both religions are too violent, go ahead and use that."
Nice work, morons. Guess what, they are coming for you right after us.

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