Look On The Bright Side: Hamas Anarchy Pushing Thousands Of Arabs To Leave Yesha!

PA Arabs Forbidden by Muslim Leaders to Flee Street Violence (click here for full article at A7)
....Thousands of Muslim worshippers living in PA-controlled territories are trying to flee their increasingly violent surroundings. Their religious leaders are doing what they can to force them to stay...

Sheikh Hamad Al-Bitawi, a Muslim religious leader and Hamas member, has announced that Arab Muslims are forbidden to emigrate from Israel.

Al-Bitawi ruled recently that Muslims must remain in order to counteract the fast growth of the Jewish population. Thousands of Jews arrive in Israel each month, Al-Bitawi said. It “makes the heart weep,” he told PA residents.

Despite Muslim leaders’ protests, however, thousands of Arabs are abandoning their homes and flooding out of Israel every month, particularly from Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

PA Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Suboh told reporters at a news conference in Ramallah last November that 10,000 Arabs had received permits from foreign and Arab diplomats to enter their countries since July 2006...

...Suboh added that some 45,000 more had requested permission to emigrate since the deterioration in the economic situation and constant violence between the Fatah and Hamas terrorist groups.
And don't let the door hit you on the way out, Mr. and Mrs. Achmed...

Now, if the jino left would only leave with them...


  1. I'm still wayting for the answer, I must be very pacient :)))...

  2. Anyone who thinks 9/11 was "an inside job" is a fool and/or an enemy of the Judeo-Christian West.

    And I watched some minutes of the movie you recommended ( I am not linking to it here, go peddle that propaganda on your own site); it's a complete waste of time, unless you are a dope smoker, 15 years old and/or a leftist.


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