CC: Republican National Committee, Republican Jewish Coalition

RE: WH spokesman: President Bush has no problem with Colin Powell meeting Geneva Accord authorsÖ Haaretz News Ticker ^ | 12/3/2003 | Reuters


If Secretary Powell can cheerfully meet with the ultra-left sworn enemies of the U.S. and Israel, I guess the White House doesn't mind if we Republican Jews stop taking Karl Rove's and the Republican Jewish Committee's calls for donations and support for President Bush's reelection.

And maybe the White House wants Clinton to meet with Mullah Omar and Saddam, or Buchanan to meet with Putin and Schroeder...

Maybe we should go back and meet with those older Democrats who keep asking "If we go further right on Israel than President Bush, will you please take our calls, will you think about coming back to the fold?"

The Geneva Plan is a bait and switch maneuver to re-push the Oslocide, and it's coming from ultra-leftists WHO WERE DEFEATED AT THE POLLS IN ISRAEL.

Is the White House now taking lessons from Clinton, Carville and Seth Abraham, attempting to subvert the Govt of Israel?

Does the White House think us Republican Jews will suddenly jump on the ROADCRAP bandwagon to avoid the Geneva surrender? Think again.

The White House needs to get Powell and Rice and Wolfowitz back on the reservation, or we can have an even better conversation with the 30 million evangelical Christians who think President Bush is soft on marriage, abortion, gays and guns. Our Christian allies ask for our financial support all the time, and we also hear they are thinking of sitting it out in 2004 if you don't stay with your base.

Self-defeating? MaybeÖ BUT SO IS YOUR PLAN TO DIVIDE UP ISRAEL AND CREATE ANOTHER ARAB TERROR STATE, just so you can appease the EU and the Saudis.

Israel is one of the biggest providers to America of hi-tech military, medical and computer research, and installing another Arab terrorist regime will only bring less of those benefits and will simultaneously bring terrorism back to America.

Sounds far-fetched?

By agreeing to meet with the Arab "playas" in this game, the U.S. State Department is encouraging the Baathists in Iraq to kill more Americans; why should the Fedayeen Saddam, or Al Queda stop their attacks when America tells OTHER Arabs that terrorism gets them meetings with Secretary Powell?

Remember the last time America took meetings with terrorists? They were called mujahedeen, and they brought us September 11th...

Please respectfully remind the President, standing with Israel is GOOD FOR AMERICA; stabbing her in the back is BAD FOR AMERICA.

Y. B. David

One phone-call or fax to the President is worth 100 emails.

CC the RNC and Republican Jewish Coalition (They want your support)


202-456-1111 Pres Bush direct comment line

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(The White House Opinion Line is open during normal business hours M-F - 9-5, EST; the fax is on 7x24...)

Find your Senators' and Representatives' Tel., fax and email address at http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/

Go here to tell Powell he's earned enough rapport with his Saudis friends:

Or Contact the Saudi controlled U.S. State Department at:

U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

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