Blair acted like a 'white vigilante' by invading Iraq, says bishop The Guardian | 30 December 2003 | Sarah Hall

Tony Blair came under attack from two of the Church of England's most senior figures yesterday for acting "like a white vigilante" and for lacking humility in forging ahead with the war on Iraq.

In the most outspoken outburst, the Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright, accused religious conservatives surrounding the US president, George Bush, of espousing "a very strange distortion of Christianity" - particularly since, through Iraq's reconstruction, many would gain financially.

"For Bush and Blair to go into Iraq together was like a bunch of white vigilantes going into Brixton to stop drug dealing. This is not to deny there's a problem to be sorted, just that they are not credible people to deal with it," he said.

In a separate rebuke, the Archbishop of York, David Hope, questioned the legitimacy of the war and said Mr. Blair would have to answer to God - a "higher authority" - for his decision to forge ahead with the conflict...

[Archbishop of York, David Hope, stated] "Undoubtedly, a very wicked leader has been removed, but there are wicked leaders in other parts of the world."

I can think of two right here... the pooftah morons being quoted. These fools seem to be sharing Dr. Dean's staff

And who they calling racist? These two Bishops likely preferred their wogs dead:

Mass grave found in northern Iraq" as reported by the British Bull Crap on Monday, 11 February, 2002.

... The Kurdish authorities in the region said that the grave, discovered two days ago, was the fourth mass grave to be found in the ground of Sardaw military camp - set up by the Iraqi Army in 1982.

Bakhtiar Amin, the head of the Washington-based International Alliance for Justice (IAJ), told BBC News Online that the discovery of this new mass grave "is additional evidence of Saddam Hussein and his regime's crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity".

The IAJ is an alliance of more than 260 non-governmental organisations from 120 countries and is calling for an expert commission under a UN mandate to study the available evidence and decide whether there is a case for crimes against humanity in Iraq.

... Before the Gulf War, the area was under Baghdad's control and the government suppressed the Kurdish population through summary executions, forced disappearances and use of chemical weapons.

Drawing on eyewitness accounts and documents seized from Iraqi security during the Gulf War uprising, international organisations estimate that 182,000 people, mostly men, were forced from the Kurdish areas and buried alive in mass graves in the southern deserts.

... The Iraqi Government refuses to confirm the fate of the missing people, despite repeated requests from Kurdish officials.


Maybe Bishops Tom Wright and David Hope ought to collect what's left of their manhoods and try telling the Kurds how evil Blair and Bush are.

These "gentleman" make me sick and ashamed to share the English language.

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