Homicide Bombers posing as college grads

Muslim members of the University of California, Irvine's graduating class will wear green sashes emblazoned with the word "shahada" in Arabic along with their commencement robes in tomorrow's ceremony - a reference some say is an incitement to violence that should not be allowed.

"Shahada" can be translated several ways, including as a declaration of faith in Islam, but it often is used in reference to "martyrdom" – especially martyrdom attained by suicide bombers.

Sally Peterson, dean of students at UCI, defended the university against critics who say the school shouldn't allow such a display.

Peterson admits the word "shahada," besides being a reference to Islam, "has also taken on many other meanings depending on where you sit. For some it is seen as 'kill all Jews' or it is seen as a reference to suicide bombers," she said.

Despite different meanings applied to the Arabic word, the administrator said UCI is not permitted to limit the Muslim Student Union members' freedom to wear the sashes. June 17, 2004 By Ron Strom © 2004 WorldNetDaily.com

Lets see if we can get this straight; if some UCI graduates want to wear swastikas on their sashes, that would be ok with UCI because the swastika has "other meanings depending on where you sit. " (the Hindus use it in a different context,...), and hey, a straight-arm salute from the podium, well, graduation is an exciting day, lets not limit their free speech.

How about if UCI students wore little drawings of watermelons and fried chicken on their sashes? After all, people eat those foods all the time!

If UCI students are interested in being homicide bombers, we aren't safe with them in the American workplace.

Oh, it's just the crazy muslim students? But how do we pre-screen the rest of the UCI grads to see if THEY STOOD UP AGAINST THIS GARBAGE?!

If the rest of the UCI grads are as cowardly, politically correct and/or as dangerously naive as their Dean, perhaps America needs to reconsider hiring any UCI grads.

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