More Dangerous Than Bird Flu!
Contagious Mental Illness
Finally Identified in

"Schmuckhome Syndrome"

The diagnoses can be confirmed wherever you find schmucks who fantasize in the following fashion: if they can get other Jews to give up their homes, then the arabs will let them keep theirs.

Think we're kidding? Here's something smart that finally comes out of Harvard. Scroll down below the graphic for confirmation from a Harvard Clinical Psychiatrist.

We'll all find out how contagious it is when we get the Israeli election results today.

Harvard Prof. of Psychiatry Labels Oslo Supporters Delusional"

Dr. Kenneth Levin, author of The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of People Under Siege, terms "delusional" the behavior of Israeli population segments that supported the Oslo Accords.

In an interview with Tovia Singer on IsraelNationalRadio, Dr. Levin claims that as a result of their desire for the Arab siege on Israel to end, many Israelis conditioned themselves to believe that a potential partner for peace existed in the Palestinian Authority, when the reality pointed only to the continued escalation of violence and terror.

Dr. Levin, an instructor of clinical psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a Princeton-trained historian, has blended the two disciplines in his extensive writings on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

“It is characteristic of people under siege or chronic attack - whether you’re talking about minorities that are marginalized, defamed and attacked or a small state under attack by larger neighbors - it is characteristic of portions of those populations to embrace the indictments, however bizarre, and to believe that if they perform in a way consistent with those indictments, then the siege will end,” Dr. Levin stated.

Levin compared the psychological delusions that led up to the Oslo Accords to those created by abused children desperate to end their suffering. (rest of article here").

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