The Times August 18, 2006
UN force put in doubt as French reveal militia fear

From Charles Bremner in Paris
PLANS for a 15,000-strong United Nations force in Lebanon were cast into doubt yesterday when France demanded guarantees that Hezbollah forces would first be disarmed and Germany said it would not send combat troops.

President Chirac’s office announced that France would add immediately 200 troops to its contingent of 200 serving with the existing UN force in south Lebanon (Unifil), which France commands....

...The statement, after a telephone conversation between M Chirac and Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General, dismayed UN officials, who had hoped for a much larger contribution...

[ as did War Criminal Nasrallah, to whom Koffi promised fresh Euro human shields for hezbos to hide behind when firing at Israel]
... France has offered to command the UN force that will join 15,000 Lebanese troops in the Shia-dominated zone. French forces were expected to provide its backbone....


Oxymoron of the year!

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