FAIL: Chicago Jihadi Busted Copying Ayers/Øbama w/ "Political Transformation"

Hat Tip to a good friend...

Did Obama have this guy arrested to eliminate competition?
Monday, September 20th, 2010 at 10:32 pm By Monica Lawrence
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (BNO NEWS) – A Chicago, Illinois man was arrested ... after Saturday midnight immediately after placing a backpack which he thought contained an explosive device into a trash can near a crowded street corner...
... Hassoun, a Lebanese citizen and permanent resident alien, expressed to an associate his desire to commit acts of violence in the city for both monetary gain and to cause political transformation in Chicago...
...In June, Hassoun and the cooperating witness discussed possible targets and plots, including a biological attack on the city, poisoning Lake Michigan, attacking police officers, bombing the Sears Tower, and assassinating the mayor... 
Religion of Peace, religion of pieces of dead non-muslims... blah blah blah...(rest at link above or here).
Someone should have told Hussein, I meant Hassoun, that there's only a few guys who are allowed to perform political "transformations", especially in Chicago.

One, of course, is Øbama's BFF (Bolshevik Friends Forever?) and admitted terrorist Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers, for whom Øbama, as chair of an Annenberg Foundation board doled out millions of dollars for Ayer's far-left "school" projects, (only later to claim during the 2008 campaign that Ayers was "just a guy a I know from the neighborhood").

(Ayers photo from The BlogProf)

Astute readers will also note that Ayers (along with his fellow bombette/wife Bernadette Dohrn, and big-time Øbama–fundraiser and leader of the far-Left group Code Pinko (sic) Jodie Evans were also organizers and fundraisers for the so-called Gaza Flottilla, a typical Weatherman operation that concluded in death and mayhem while attempting to "break the blockade" enable Hamas to more easily procure weapons and explosives by sea.

But those who followed the 2008 campaign (and maybe even supported Palin and McWhathisname) might remember that Transformation™ is claimed by the BIG ZERO, and it's clear that he won't tolerate any competition, as evidenced by his intensity in this 24 second clip:

Maybe King Øbowmao will be beneficent and send our wannabe' Lebanese transformer bomber back to Beirut, where he can help with the "Imminent Coup by Hezbollah in Lebanon"... We know Øbama isn't too worried about it, as he is still pushing to restore $100,000,000 in Lebanon military aid, "despite Congress fears of threat to Israel"....
What an evil web they weave...


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