Why The Tea Party Is Important: The Political Ad Alaskans Might Not Be Seeing.

If you have ever wondered why support for the Tea Party is growing, and where some of that anger and energy stems from (aside from Taxed Enough Already), consider this MSM-unreported tidbit courtesy of Conservatives For Palin.

Rino Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski now has her lawyers threatening to sue Alaskan broadcasters who dare to run an ad telling the truth about her recent loss in the Republican Primary.

How dare plain-speaking Republicans in Alaska (who backed the winner, Joe Miller in the primary) use their First Amendment rights to complain when the "Republican" primary loser threatens a write-in campaign that might ELECT A DEMOCRAT.

Oh wait, some restrictions on advertising were included in "campaign finance reform" that was co-sponsored by McWhatsHisName...

See the ad below, and hear another juicy radio bit at the site linked at the top and you'll begin to understand that the Tea Party is not just about taxes but is also about INSISTING on freedom from useless and entrenched political interests, whether they come from Democrats OR Republicans.

While you're at it, click on this guy's name and send Joe Miller a few bucks; we need all the Conservative Republicans in the Senate that we can get.

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