Mosque Bloomberg, "Historian"

In a brief slap at NYC Mayor Bloomberg, the NY Post inadvertently exposed Bloomie as a hypocrite.
In a jaw-dropping stab at Americans, Mayor Bloomberg said in Hong Kong, "If you look at the US, you look at who we're electing to Congress, to the Senate, they can't read. I'll bet you a bunch of these people don't have passports . . . Nobody knows where China is."
Back home, the mayor used a crowbar to dislodge the foot in his mouth, but stuck to his Americans-are-idiots mantra.
"It isn't that I said they can't read in a sense they don't understand the words. They don't understand the history."
Too bad Mosque Bloomberg doesn't understand the history of "islam" and geography.

If he had, he would understand that muslims have been building mosques and monuments on or next to the sites of their "victories" for 13 centuries (as they are trying to do with the 9/11 jihadi victory mosque at Ground Zero).

Additionally, he would also know that when the muslims are done with his help, even with his Jihad Pass, all the Bloomberg terminals installed in all of the arab world won't keep them from treating him like just another former useful infidel.

Then again, maybe Bloomberg considers the risk of NYC being attacked again (or getting his head chopped off ) a reasonable business risk given the money he's making all over the Arab middle east.

MB: "Man, look at all these muslims, I could make a fortune off of them; and hey, I can afford my own small army of bodyguards!"

(Hat tip for the image to (and see "Follow The Money" at) Bare Naked Islam).

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