Eat Sabra Hummus (it's good for you), Support the IDF, & Annoy Leftists & Jihadis!

It's a three-fer!

The whiney Left and their jihadi allies are still urging a boycott of Sabra products because Sabra "supports" the Golani and Givati Brigades in Israel.

While they recently failed in their efforts to make Princeton and De Paul University SabraRein, they are still trying to wage an internet marketing war against Sabra and by extension, any company daring to do business in, with or support Israel.

They must be stopped.

Personally I like to make my own hummus, but I have bought Sabra products in the past, and will do so again (and recommend you do so as well) if only to support the IDF and annoy the daylights out of these anti-Israel (and ant-American) supporters of terrorism.

I refuse to give any hits and links to the source of this filth, but if you are medically required to either raise your blood pressure and/or need to force yourself to vomit, then go to a search engine and type in "Sabra Golani" and read the garbage from these supporters of terrorism.

If anything, it may give you a stronger desire to take the next copy of anything by Howard Zinn that you see and beat it's reader over the head with it.

The only other benefit I can see to reading the filth on the Leftist and jihadi websites is if you want to get their goat and leave a comment.

I just so happen to have an an interesting example comment, (cough, cough) right here...
Wow, I will be buying more and more Sabra Hummus now that I know they support the Golani and Gavati Brigades.

Anything that helps keep these boys and girls fit to kill jihadis and defend Israel from the left-wing- supported terrorist scum trying to take over the Judeo–Christian world, I am ALL FOR IT, and I urge EVERYONE to buy MORE SABRA HUMMUS for the same reason!
Remember: it's up to you to crush the twin hydras of jihad and socialism (and what better way to do it than by eating healthy food)!

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