Was Arafat Poisoned? We Certainly Hope So!

Numerous articles are flying on the interwebs as to whether Arafat was poisoned to death.
To our understanding, the only scientific way to confirm whether he was poisoned would be to grind up Arafat's bones, combine them with ground-up dead pigs,  simmer the mix for 24 hours, and feed it at 180º via enema to PA "President" Abbas and his American supporters, including the reporters and editors of these articles who are leaving out that Arafat stole billions in international aid, and that he was considered the FATHER OF MODERN INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Jews  (and even more thousands of muslims).

If the test subjects die after the testing, then Arafat was definitely (and righteously, and hopefully very painfully) poisoned.

Jewpoint readers, please feel free to chime in if you know other ways to confirm whether Arafat was poisoned.

[if you need an emetic, click images to enlarge.]


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