Did Jpost just throw Romney under a bus... AGAIN

The original title is Did Bibi Just Throw Romney Under The Bus, by a partisan hack named Douglas Bloomfield.

Click there if you want to give hits to the fake zionists, but here's the gist of the article, left as a comment:

Bloomfield is a partisan hack who has spun this for Obama.

If Bibi endorses Romney, Bloomfield calls him a meddler, if he doesn't then he "sees the writing on the wall".

What wall, the wall of the insane asylum Bloomfield lives in?

"He [Romney] went to England and insulted the Brits by telling them he didn’t think they were ready for the Olympics"
And the next day they admitted security was weak and added THOUSANDS MORE TROOPS.
" and then to Israel where he snubbed the Israeli opposition leaders"
Who are working for Obama's re-election, like Bloomfield.
" and the Palestinian president and said the Palestinians’ economy was weaker than Israel’s because they’re culturally inferior."

Who would have thought the vaunted Jerusalem Post would be so in the tank for ØbowMao™. 

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