Arafat fundraising for Demorat Cynthia Mckinney

Cynthia Mckinney on the front page of aljazeerah.info soliciting campaign donations with Arafat's blessing.

This is, except for cropping for size, an unretouched photo from their home page. (The link in the picture goes to her web site).

Jews who keep voting for democrats remind us of the machers in the shtetls who fed the rest of the us to the Nazis: "trust me, this is good for you..."

Dr. Daniel Pipes has more info here on "Radical Islam's First Member of Congress "

Such an outpouring of extremist support comes as no shock; as Erick Stakelbeck documents in today's New York Post, "McKinney has long associated with militant Islamic groups whose members have openly supported terrorism," plus "she has taken to the floor of the House to defend them."

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