Jewish Dims get ready to R Fumble!

The backward looking Forward reports:

In more NJDC news, the new campaign button that the group has produced for the Democratic National Convention in Boston next week features a resolute-looking headshot of Kerry over the slogan "The Real Deal," next to a silly-looking photo of Bush over the word "Schlemiel," the Yiddish word for "sad sack."

Savvy JewPointers don't have to look very far to see which candidate is running with Arafat's current blessing and money donated by jihadists out to destroy Israel and America.

Arafat fundraising for Demorat Cynthia Mckinney

And they don't have to look far to see which Dem President spent more time with Arafat than his own national security advisers (was Sandy in training to steal documents then?) and not only brought us the Oslocide that killed almost 1000 Jews and injured thousands more, and is still fantasizing about and publicizing his efforts to destroy Israel. Clinton as Barnum: There's a Jewish sucker voting in every election.

To be fair, the Forward started the article with a challenge from the Dims to debate Repubs on Israel:

The glove was first taken off and the duel announced with this press release: Jewish Dems Challenge Bush-Cheney to Jewish Community Debates Nationwide

U.S. Newswire ^ | 7/20/04
Contact: David A. Harris of the National Jewish Democratic Council, 202-216-9060 / info@njdc.org

WASHINGTON, July 20 -- The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) today challenged the Bush/Cheney campaign to a series of issue debates in Jewish communities across the country. The NJDC announced that more than 20 Democratic members of the U.S. House and Senate have agreed to participate in debates in key battleground states; additionally, invitations are being sent today to Jewish Community Relations Councils and other Jewish institutions across the country to host the debates.

Our first response? They want debates? THEY CAN'T HANDLE DEBATES! They couldn't handle Arafat for eight years, and now we're expected to trust them to not hand over Israel as appeasement to Osama?
"The American Jewish community deserves an open debate about the issues of deep concern to the American Jewish community -- about the very real differences that exist between the two presidential tickets," said National Jewish Democratic Council Executive Director Ira N. Forman.
Sure, Ira, here's a difference: Pres. Bush wants to kill any terrorist who doesn't lay down their arms, and John Kerry wants to throw his medals at him while inviting the French and Germans to re carve up the middle east to serve French and German interests. And we all know that the French and the Germans have America's (and especially Jews) best interests at heart...

"Republicans have mounted an aggressive effort inside the Jewish community to misrepresent Senator John Kerry's deep, time-tested commitment to Israel's security.

John Kerry has done a good job of that all by himself, hiring Clintonoid Oslociders as his Jewish advisors.These people are not content with 1000 dead Israelis and ten of thousands more injured Jews. They need more Jewish blood to spill on their alter of appeasement. But at least they are being consistent:

John Kerry is proud of the fact that he and his friends helped force America TO RUN OUT OF VIETNAM, leaving 83,000,000 Vietnamese STILL LIVING AS SLAVES UNDER COMMUNISM.

And that's what John Kerry would do to Israel, arm-twist it back to boundaries that would leave it defenseless against arab attacks.

Finally, speaking of members of Congress who want to debate policy affecting Jews, maybe Congressman Jerry Nadler can explain why he invited THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION POSSIBLY MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR DEAD JEWS TO MONITOR OUR AMERICAN ELECTIONS!

Does Jerry think he can get a free meal out of Koffi and the UN blue helmets, while they are busy setting up permanent Hamas refugee camps ON ATLANTIC AVENUE IN BROOKLYN?

Hey, let's give Jerry a break; he is only following Kerry's lead!:

Democrats are offering nothing in John Kerry EXCEPT MORE APPEASEMENT.

Democrats should take their "social issues for secular Jews" and go hang with the far-leftists, who at least have the courage to stand up and say how they hate America and Israel.

That's right, Dims should keep whining about such important "Jewish social issues" like abortion on demand, and pushing G-d out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

THERE AREN'T ENOUGH JEWS TO BEGIN WITH and all the Dims can do is make sure that Jewish women should be able to abort 24 x 7...

This folks, is the truth about the twenty-first century Democratic party and it's relationship with American Jews.

Working hard to make sure the goyim don't say the "G" word, pumping up jihadists like Cynthia Mckinney and UN lovers like Jerry Nadler, and working to cut the Jewish birth rate as low and as fast as possible.

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