Obama "fires", then rehires and sends Arafat's' motek (sweetheart) to the middle east.

Obama just sent Robert Malley (who the Obama campaign earlier "fired" for his contacts with Hamas) to Syria and Egypt to boost contacts - see below for context and history on Malley (Malley was Clinton's contact w/ arafat even though Malley and his parents were pals with arafat).

One of Barack Obama's Middle East policy advisers disclosed yesterday that he had held meetings with the militant Palestinian group Hamas - prompting the likely Democratic nominee to sever all links with him....

Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for Mr Obama, responded swiftly: "Rob Malley has, like hundreds of other experts, provided informal advice to the campaign in the past.

He has no formal role in the campaign and he will not play any role in the future."
But only one day after 78% of American "Jews" voted for Barack Hussein Obama:
November 05, 2008: Presidential-elect Barack Obama has promised to improve U.S. relations with Egypt and Syria. 

Aides said Obama had sent senior foreign policy adviser Robert Malley to Egypt and Syria over the last few weeks to outline the Democratic candidate's policy on the Middle East.

The aides said Malley, * who served in the administration of President Bill Clinton, relayed a pledge from Obama that the United States would seek to enhance relations with Cairo as well as reconcile with Damascus.

"The tenor of the messages was that the Obama administration would take into greater account Egyptian and Syrian interests," an aide said.

Now who and what is Robert Malley and why should we care?

Robert Malley: arafat's motek.
... He is perhaps most well known for a controversial series of articles in 2001 blaming Israel and exonerating Arafat for the failure of the Clinton peace efforts.

... Robert Malley grew up in France, where his Egyptian-born father, Simon Malley, and New York raised mother, Barbara (Silverstein) Malley, were radical publishers of a controversial magazine about Africa and the so-called Third World.

Malley's parents were rabidly anti-Israel and counted Yasir Arafat as a personal friend. Indeed, Arafat was among those "leaders" (for want of a better word) who intervened with the French government to readmit the Malley family to France after they had been expelled for their radical activities.

* ... while in the Clinton administration Malley dealt directly with Palestinian matters, and with Yasir Arafat himself, despite having a huge and hidden conflict of interest: close ties between his family and Yasir Arafat....

...The world in which Robert Malley grew up was one in which Yasir Arafat, Fidel Castro, Leonid Brezhnev and Todor Zhivkov were heroes, any American leader - even Jimmy Carter! - was villainous, and Israeli leaders were veritable demons.

....Robert Malley wrote about this world, at least to some extent, in his book The Call from Algeria: Third Worldism, revolution and the turn to Islam, and in no way did he denounce or renounce it....
Never forget how so many American jinos screamed that  "Obama's history with the far–left and Jew–haters doesn't matter; it's all about Palin's wardrobe and the fact that she would rather kill a moose than abort babies!"

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