Rahm Emanuel kneels to muslims (that was fast)

Rahm Wastes No Time Kissing Arab Tuchis, (throws his father under the bus).

Emanuel 'sorry' for dad's Arab remarks
US President-elect Barack Obama's White House chief of staff apologized to the Arab-American community on Thursday for remarks his Israeli-born father made to Ma'ariv.

"Abba, sheket bavakasha...."
("Dad, shut up please...")
Last week, Benjamin Emanuel talked about his son Rahm Emanuel's new job and told the Israeli daily that "obviously he'll influence the president to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn't he? What is he, an Arab? He's not going to be mopping floors at the White House."
I guess the arguments have been settled, we don't have to worry about Rahmmie being too supportive of Israel. But what is he thinking when he davens (prays) and bentches (says Grace after meals) and he gets to the sections on Yerushalyim? "Dear G-d, and restore us HALF of Jerusalem, and don't let the behemmot (beasts) be too angry with us!?"

Too bad he doesn't have a pair like his father; when CAIR complained he could have just called out for coffee.

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