Follow the Money: File Cabinet Balagan Reveals/Confirms Long-term, U.S. State Dept. Funneling $ to Leftist, Israeli Peace Morons.

(Indyk hanging on ObHillary's heels, still working to divide Jerusalem and give back the Golan Heights).

The above screen shot is from the Fox News video story below:
"U.S. Consulate Mistakenly Sells Secret Files in Jerusalem"

[transcript at link].

According to the 1996 date on the file, this payment was likely made during Martin S. Indyk's tour as U.S. Ambassador Judenrat to Israel.

More recently, (last November) Martin was prepping Israel on the proper way to bow to Mahmoud "Munich" Abbas' favorite/latest toy, Pres. Obastinian.

KT (Tip of my kipah) to Christian Zionist Stan Goodenough who has noted that Indyk has been a really industrious little jino, working at Brookings and Saban with Israel slicers Strobe Talbott, Sandy "The Burglar" Berger, Brent Scowcroft, and Zbigniew Brzezinski among others, all busy as bees to gut Jerusalem & Israel and set up yet another arab terror state... for what... gelt from the Saudis?

And Martin only recently carried the Obameister's hints warning "No More Blank Checks For Israel..."

We really shouldn't be surprised that Indyk has been working against Israel for so long. 
Back in 2000...Martin Indyk, who while receiving an honor at Hebrew Union College, stated: "Jerusalem cannot be under the total sovereignty of one nation; it must be divided."
(Link and KT to Emanuel A. Winston...)

Keep an eye on the Israeli media; as good a job as they did covering Cast Lead, this recent interview of Indyk and Haass by Charlie Abu Rose should give an idea of how they are going to "sell" giving up the Golan:
What’s interesting about this is, is that when we were negotiating it back under President Clinton in the 1990s, the deal that was on the table was all of the Golan to go back to Syria -- the Golan Heights -- and Israel would get peace and normalization of relations in return, plus security arrangements...

The deal of territory for peace that we were negotiating was never that attractive to the Israeli public. Five prime ministers were prepared to withdraw from the Golan. They were always looking over their shoulder, whether the public was going to be behind them. And the reason the public wasn’t sure about it -- they liked the Golan Heights. They have got a nice wine and grapes and cherries and so on. 
But also, it’s the high ground strategically, and they didn’t think the Syrians were going to really offer them a real peace. They would say to me, you know, the Syrians will teach us what a cold peace is like.

Now the deal is different. And that’s what is so interesting about it, because Syria is aligned with Iran. It’s the conduit for Iran’s nefarious influence in Lebanon, Gaza, through Hezbollah, Hamas. And from the Israeli point of view, if you can pull Syria out of that alliance, bring it into the peace camp through the negotiations and a peace treaty, then you’ve got a different trade. It’s territory for strategic realignment, and every expert in Israel can understand that. 
They can see the advantage of it, because Iran is a real threat to the Israelis." 
"...because Iran is a real threat to the Israelis."
Wow Martin Indyk is such an EXPERT!


Because only a moron would believe that the Iranians wouldn't be flying into Syria to direct fire down from the Golan LESS THAN A WEEK AFTER ISRAEL SIGNS A "TREATY" WITH SYRIA.

Haven't enough Israelis been killed and maimed since you put together the Oslocide?

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