Phone Call w/Obama / Adventures of The Jewish KKK:
Kadima Kapo Klutzes
Pull Out of Gaza Just in Time
To Kiss President Hussein's Tuchis.

The Israeli military says it has withdrawn all of its soldiers from the Gaza Strip. The military says the pullout was completed before dawn on Wednesday....[click for AP/ Breitbart source...]

Just in time for President Hussein's anointment...

"President Hussein, there's an urgent call from the Israeli ambassador for you, line 1."

"Tell him I'll get back to him, you know I have more important calls to make, Abbas, Chavez, Putin...."

"Mr. Ambassador, may the President call you back, he's on an important call with President Abbas... I am sorry, can you repeat that?"

"Mr. President, the Israeli Ambassador says that they pulled out of Gaza in time for your coronation as you asked, but their satellite surveillance is showing them right now in real time that the Iranians are almost finished fueling their missiles, and, hold on... yes, Mr. Ambassador, I got that, let me pass it on..."

"Mr. President, he says that both our and their intel confirms: the Iranian missiles are defintely armed with nuclear warheads..."

"I said, "Tell him I'll get back to him...."
And get a rush message to Gen. Jones at NSA:
Tell him I don't want to have to ask him again: 

Shut down the Israelis' surveillance satellite. NOW..."

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