Here's your "moderate islam" in America.

Where's Abe Foxman? Upset that it took a Christian cable new network to expose this?

Be sure and watch the entire video, where this "Professor" threatens Jews with death if they don't leave Israel, and be sure and hear where he calls not only for the expulsion of Jews from the "settlements" but also from TEL AVIV.

BONUS POINTS: "Professor" Siddique calls for another "Saladin" knowing full well the relationship between Saladin and the Jews (and all non-muslims). Do YOU?
[Saladin] Personally beheaded many of the Crusaders living in and around Jerusalem, and watched while his soldiers cut the bodies to pieces to satisfy their lust for revenge;
  • Sent poisoned wine and flour to a Greek leader to distribute to Crusaders;
  • Fought violently with rival Shi’ite Muslims, dissecting one of their leaders, and keeping his hands and head as trophies (Saladin, a Kurd, was a Sunni);
  • Persecuted Jews and Christians, denying them even the basic dignity of riding on horses or mules, requiring they ride in humiliation on donkeys and painful pack saddles.  “Kingdom” shows Saladin allowing them to ride on horses. 
    But even his own physician, the scholar Maimonides (a Jew forcibly converted to Islam) was forced to ride a donkey to and from Saladin’s palace.  (Saladin stoned and blinded a Jewish doctor for daring to ride a horse, according to “Saladin and the Jews,” by E. Ashtor-Strauss.)


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