Watch the insanity at the Geert Wilders trial (with English subtitles).

This excerpt from the Wilders "trial" in the Netherlands is a taste of what we'll have here in the U.S. if we don't stop the Dhimmiecrats this November.

That Wilders was even brought to trial (for simply showing the cause and effect of koran and islamic violence) is a disgrace, and is part of the same mindset that Øbowmao, AG Holder and DHS chief Janet Incompitano are pushing here in the U.S. when they insist we can't call it "islamic terrorism".

For additional absurdity and for more info, click here to watch the Python excerpt ridiculing a similar "trial".

(It's no coincidence that Britain is even further down the ladder on abject, politically correct slavishness to "islam").


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