Video of Juan Williams: A Short Right Uppercut To The Jaw of NPR.

Hat tip to LibNot for the short, concise and hardhitting video below. They also have an additional interview of Juan Williams on GMA, viewable here

Those not new to a right-of-center Jewpoint know that NPR has long been known as National Palestinian Radio for their relentlesss campaign of lies and disinformation about Israel.

Anyone who listens to them even casually (I'll only admit to tuning into NPR accidentally) also knows of their contempt for anything and anyone in America that doesn't line up with their marxist point of view.

It will be interesting to see whether Williams continues to target NPR (and the leftist media in general) for their ruthless hostility to any Black American who strays off the Democrat's plantation.


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  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I heard Juan Williams on "Kilmeade and Friends" this morning. He was 100 percent unapologetic. He stood up for himself and did not back down. Wow. It was weird to hear so much good sense and such resistance against the PC thought police coming from... a liberal! Now if only some of the wimpy Republicans in Congress could take a cue from Juan Williams!

  2. "Now if only some of the wimpy Republicans in Congress could take a cue from Juan Williams!"

    Amen to that!


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