What Took Her So Long? Blair's SIL Officially Now A Jihadi.

Allah Crackpot!

As reported in the esteemed (cough, cough) ultra-left wing Londonistan Guardian, Lauren Booth (sister-in-law of former U.K. PM Tony Blair) has only just now made official her anti-Israel and anti-West activism...
...[her recent] Iran trip prompted journalist Lauren Booth to become a Muslim and wear a hijab...Tony Blair's sister-in-law has converted to Islam after having what she describes as a "holy experience" during a visit to Iran.
Journalist and broadcaster Lauren Booth, 43 – Cherie Blair's sister – now wears a hijab whenever she leaves her home, prays five times a day and visits her local mosque whenever she can...
..."It was a Tuesday evening and I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, just absolute bliss and joy," she said in an interview today.
Well better the morphine, eh, especially when you are about to get your head lopped off, wot?

This moronic journalist, and I apologize to morons everywhere for doubly slandering them by association, this international bimbo already danced with Hamas years ago by by getting "stranded" in Gaza while trying to help the jihadis break the weapons blockade imposed by Israel. 

In other words, she's not just  an idiot, she's an active agent for terrorism.

In case you feel I am being too harsh on this loony-tune, perchance you missed her in 2008 when she declared that "Gaza is a concentration camp on the scale of Darfur."

Here she is shopping in a supermarket in Gaza, while "stranded" by those horrible Israelis (Hat-tip to and photo from "It's Almost Supernatural", an interesting pro-Israel  blog from South Africa):

(Click image to enlarge)

Well that photo proves it, what, Gaza certainly looks like a concentration camp to me...And like Darfur, well yes, there's no food there! Wait...

I'd like to say "case closed" but the temptation to pile on is just too great.

Her Gaza episode is briefly but well documented here, including some lovely pictures of Lauren waltzing through Gaza's "prison" gardens, and gleefully getting her "Hamastan passport" so she could finally leave.

The only thing more we can wish for this fool is, Inshallah, she will drive her new muslim friends completely bonkers before they strap her up with a bomb vest.

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