Peace Morons In Israel Get Help From The Washington Post.

The article contained no surprises, just PR fluff for idiotic, rainbow-colored-cupcake-pooping and unicorn-riding husband and wife peace morons in Israel making a "please don't hurt us Iran, we hate war too!" facebook™ page, being pumped up by the Leftists at the Washington Post.... 
"Look we found some Jews who won't mind glowing in the dark, AND they are in the art/ media / PR business, lets help them help us to destroy Israel!"
The article is weak, with the editor / writer fearing to give them too much applause in case Iran suddenly (ch"v) gets one through as they go to press, and this couple wind up being pilloried as Tel Aviv goes up in smoke.

More interesting are the few comments on the article, and rather than leave one there, I am including some here, along with my reply.

One fool goes on about how the Iranians could have their own "Persian Spring", comparing it to the "wonderful" developments in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, conveniently ignoring that all three are going hard core islamic  / jihadi / muslimy brotherly love...

Then there's this exchange, which is indicative of much of what one finds in the comments section of much online media today:
Comment A:
I am pleased to see that so many Iranians replied. Clearly, most Iranians are prisoners of their theological regime, and want to be rid of it. What a mistake was made when they ousted the Shah for Khomeini. They had no idea what a prison Islam can be. 
Comment B:
Or Zionism, the counter evil to militant Islam.
Only a brainwashed far-Left dhimmie would consider Zionism to be "the counter evil to militant islam".

First of all, ALL ISLAM is militant and evil. "Moderate" islam is a media creation, and is simply the modern ages' islamic trojan horse to keep the gates open in the West.


Second of all, Zionism was born to ensure that there is ONE JEWISH STATE in the ENTIRE world for the safety of the Jews, which utopianist (at BEST) fools like the writer of the second comment, and the majority of Europe (and the DNC) fail to see as necessary, as they DONT CARE IF JUDAISM IS WIPED OFF THE PLANET.

In reality, they PREFER it gone, as the continuation of 3 millennia of traditional Judaism as interpreted in the 21st century, and STILL EXISTING ON THE LAND OF ISRAEL where it all began, is an embarrassment, it's a thorn in the side of the nihilists, the pagans, the socialists, the communists, the remnants of the nazis and the islamists, all of whom prefer to worship DEATH and rule by tyranny instead of living a life ruled by justice and by the one God.

As for these peace-morons in Israel, they are simply the distant relatives of the stupid Jews stood up against the wall of the Nazi firing squad:
"Any last words"? 
"Screw Hitler!" 
"Shhh... you'll make them angry".
The only people who can prevent an Israeli strike on Iran with (hopefully with little collateral casualties) are the IRANIAN PEOPLE.

Rise up, Iranians, show some backbone, depend NOT on Øbama as he will stab you in the back again as he did in 2009 when you first made some noise,
 and as he continuously stabs Israel in the back. 

Risk YOUR OWN CASUALTIES TO GAIN YOUR OWN FREEDOM, and remove the mullahcratic cancer from the once great land of Persia, and dismantle your nuclear weapons program, or face the power of the Israeli Air Force, and the wrath of the G–d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Israel shall face the wrath of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Ismael, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Peace be upon them.

    Hell with zionism, and hell with zionists.
    May God destroy them for their transgression.

    Many Jews will agree with me.

  2. Typical muslim comment, unoriginal, and the only "jews" who will agree with you, Achmed, are the fake ones who worship marx who you would slaughter after you rape them.

    "Hey MoHAMhead, MORE COFFEE!"

    Piss be upon you.


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