Quelle Surprise: French Shooter Is A Jihadi

Live coverage on English-language French TV: shooting / explosion as French police close in on the shooter.

Two officers were wounded as the police specials weapons squad cornered the 24-year-old suspect - a French national claiming links to al Qaeda - in a house, a source told AFP.
Toulouse, France (CNN) -- About 300 French police officers surrounded a house in Toulouse early Wednesday morning, trying to coax the suspect in a series of deadly shootings -- including one at a Jewish school -- to give himself up.
Soon after special operations police mounted their raid at 3:30 a.m. (10:30 p.m. ET Tuesday), shots rang out from inside, wounding two officers, police said...
So much for the MSM BS that it could be some "far-right-neo-nazi..." of course now they will keep repeating "he did it because of how Israel treats the palestinians"...

Because everyone knows Israelis chase little arab children around and shoot them till they are dead...

/sarcasm off for the Leftists and MSM (I know, redundancy)...
Toulouse killer executed the little girl
TOULOUSE – first hand accounts of the massacre at the Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday demonstrate the magnitude of the horror. According to descriptions of those who witnessed the killer, who is still being hunted down by French police, he chased after Miriam Monsonego, who had yet to celebrate her eighth birthday, and shot her repeatedly in order to confirm the kill.
Islam; Sometimes I can't decide if it's comparable to cancer, or is it simply an issue of fecal matter being where the brains and the soul are supposed to be.

UPDATE - the above "first hand accounts" are now verified by CCTV footage. Allegedly even most jihad-excusing "journalists" are finding it a little "too much" to tolerate...
The chilling images show how the lone gunman wearing a motorcycle helmet callously hunted down individual children after opening fire at the school gates in an attack that left four dead and a teenager fighting for his life.
Eight-year-old Myriam Monsonego clutched her satchel as the killer chased her through the school gates and into the courtyard. He pulled her towards him by her hair and raised a gun to shoot her. 
The video footage appears to show that, at that moment, his gun jammed. But determined to carry out his killing spree, he kept hold of the girl, changed weapons, and delivered a shot to her temple at point-blank range.
Muck Fislam...


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