Did The Iranians Execute A Fall-Guy (& Forge His Passport)?

Mr. Ottolenghi discusses how an Iranian-freedom blogger is questioning, among other issues, whether a photo of the hanging of Jamali Fashi, (the 24-year-old Iranian accused of carrying out the Israeli-sponsored assassination of Massoud-Ali Mohammadi, the Iranian nuclear scientist) is actually a real photo of the executed Mr. Fashi [photos below].
Ottolenghi points out that the Iranian-released photo of Fashi's "Israeli" passport has the name and passport # redacted, and more importantly, that the age noted on the passport couldn't possibly match that of the man hanged by the Iranians.
Fashi’s picture is very recent – yet the passport was issued, according to the snapshot, on 17 November 2003. Fashi’s biographical details tell us that he was 24 when he was hanged. If that is the case, he would have been 15-years-old – a teenager, with a much more boyish face with less facial hair than the picture shows.  
For obvious reasons then, the year of birth of the passport holder is concealed as well.
Fashi might have been executed after all. But the attempt to turn him into a Mossad agent and gun-for-hire rests clearly on an orchestrated attempt by the regime to scapegoat someone who is innocent.
But now, reminiscent of the infamous Pajama Patrol rebuke of Dan Rather, one of the commenters at the bottom of the article points out that the Iranian-released photo is actually a Wikipedia example photo, with Fashi's head photoshopped in.
(Click image to enlarge).
On left, the photo of the "passport" of alleged Israeli spy Fashi.
On right, the Wiki example of an actual Israeli passport page.

Looking closely at the full pictures side-by-side, you can clearly see that the passport issue and expiration dates, city of residence, etc are all the same.

Aside from the heinous act of hanging (or faking the hanging) of a fall-guy, inquiring readers also want to know: did the Iranians hire Dan Rather's document forger, or Obama's literary agent?

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  1. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Fake of a fake.

  2. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Note also that the passport on wikipedia is obviously for a woman, as it says "ישראלית" which is female form for "Israeli".

    The Iranians evidently do not have the basics of Hebrew down, because in their use of this passport to fabricate this agent's passport, they left it as feminine form, even though the subject is male! It would have been a very small job to remove the final letter to make it read properly for a male, ישראלי.

    1. Good find.

      Starting to wonder; could their air-defence systems also be this poorly managed, or is it all a rope-a dope...


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