Idiot Journalists "Shocked" Muslim Brotherhood on Verge of Taking Egypt.

(Note: this was originally titled "Idiot Leftists "Shocked" Muslim Brotherhood on Verge of Taking Egypt."
We have changed the subject to "Journalists" to reflect a similar level of naivete on the subject in The Telegraph, ostensibly a Tory paper in Britain.  
Their headlined article "Muslim Brotherhood heading for surprise victory in first round of Egyptian election" certainly shows The Telegraph to be as uninformed as veteran PBS Leftcaster Charley Rose, who we use as our whipping-boy du jour below).

Yesterday afternoon we had the distinct displeasure of accidentally tuning into Charley Rose where he was recapping the first round of voting in Egypt, and we listened to his telephone conversation with Egyptian Coptic Christian and telecom magnate Naguib Sawiris.

For the entire ten minutes Rose just could not get it through his thick head (or likely couldn't get Sawiris to change his tune) what everyone else (except the Leftwing Media and that trio of useful infidels, Hillary, Obama & McCain) had predicted:

A) That the Muslim Brotherhood was probably going take the first round of elections in Egypt, and
(B) That their success meant it very likely that Egypt would now become a Sharia-compliant, jihadi-exporting terror state that would further destabilize the region.

Unfortunately Charley Rose decided to edit out his conversation with Sawwiris, so you'll have to take our word for it (and our paraphrasing below) that Charley was just stupified to hear repeatedly that Egypt might be the next Iran or Afghanistan.

Charley Rose: Are you certain the Muslim Brotherhood is leading?
Charley Rose: Are you certain, certain?

One has to wonder what pressure was put on Charley to delete the conversation from his website. As you can see from this screen shot, 
 he was even advertising his conversation on his website as of early this morning:
(click image to enlarge)
Copyright Charley Rose / PBS (palestinian BS)
If you do click this Charley Rose link, you will get to watch SeeBS' Scott Pelfrey making moon-eyes on the Egyptians' first chance to vote for whoever they want, (even if it's for a group like the Muslim Brotherhood, whose founder admired Hitler... "Hey' it's democracy!").

Or you can watch SeeBS correspondent Elizabeth Palmer feigning surprise at leftist Google crybaby Wael Ghonim who, even after being thrown off a speakers platform months ago by Muslim Brotherhood goons working for arch-jihadist Yusuf al-Qaradawi, now tells Elizabeth that he has no problem supporting a "moderate" islamist candidate and isn't worried about Egypt going full-tilt-Sharia-stan, because, you know, man,
"...if there are rules that have to do with Sharia, they will only be the ones that insure that the country fights poverty, fights corruption, fights ignorance..."
Palmer: "So it would be some sort of updated, modernized sharia law, that would, uh, recognize equality?"
Ghonim: "Yeah, I think so!"
Dude, put down the bong, they are coming to chop your head off!

Sadly, you don't get to hear Charley Rose sounding totally dumbfounded that with all the hard work that he his and fellow useful infidel journalists did to help depose Mubarak, that their efforts are going to put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of THE SUEZ CANAL, through which nearly 10% of the world's oil is shipped.

But just so Charley doesn't feel picked on, or perhaps because it's becoming a blatant-across-the-board OPM (Obama-polishing-media) strategy to hide the truth about islam and sharia, witness how only a few days earlier we also had a talking-head on MSNBC allowing a muslim Hahvad (sic) professor on her show deride any expose of islamic-violence against women, even though the interviewee, 
[muslim author] Mona Eltahawy talked about her Foreign Policy magazine cover story about abuse of women by men in the Muslim world. 
Eltahawy speaks from experience: She had her arms broken in a demonstration in Egypt and was tortured and raped in an Egyptian jail cell....
...Then the MSNBC host brought in Harvard professor Leila Ahmed, who questioned whether Eltahawy should have written the article at all. Not because it was false, but because it made Muslims look bad....  
So there we have it. Leftist media simply tripping over themselves to help bring jihad to more of the world, helping Islam in it's continuing 1300+ years quest to rule the West.


Re our above mention of the troika lunatik of Obama, Clinton and McCain who deposed our SOB Mubarak, please note that over a year ago, we and many others were shouting from the rooftops that their use of the Soros-funded (and godson of Arafat) Robert Malley and his International Crises (manufacturing) Group was going to not only put the screws to Israel, but would eventually incur blowback on the U.S. and the West.

While we and many others foretold losing Egypt to the jihadis, we can only hope we are wrong on Egypt's jihadis gaining a Muslim Brotherhood government-backed capability of attacking America,  similarly to how our assistance to the anti-soviet mujihadeen in Afghanistan led to Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda and the attacks on 9/11.

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