No Sh**te, Sherlock (Haaretz & Cordesman Admit Iran Has Or Is About To Have Nukes).

We hate including links to Haaretz because they are, more often than not, associated with the Far Left in Israel who would be happier living on a sliver of Tel Aviv beach if only it meant that their muslim friends at communist Hadash orgies would at least pretend to like them when they molest them.

But now Haaretz reviews the "well-respected" (no doubt for occasionally jamming it to Israel) Anthony Cordesman's "Rethinking Our Approach to Iran's Search for the Bomb", and both Haaretz and Cordesman finally agree that Iran is a nuclear disaster waiting to be launched at Israel. Taking what appears to be a million words to reach these three conclusions (that any sane reader reached years ago), Cordesman writes:
"...Anyone who believes that Iran is not yet actively pursuing a nuclear-weapons program and merely developing the capabilities is committing an act of willful delusion."
Welcome to reality, Mr. Cordesman. Oh wait, you still need to blame Israel:
"It also illustrates the need for incentives strong enough to motivate Iran to give up its nuclear efforts in spite of its broader strategic and military needs."
Can anyone guess what the only non-military incentive for Iran might be?

I'll take "HANDING ISRAEL OVER TO THE ARABS" for 10 kilotons, Machmoud...

Cordesman finishes, 

"In the case of preventive strikes, it means recognizing that even a major first round of strikes is unlikely to have a lasting effect and might well push Iran into a far larger nuclear effort unless Iran realizes that any such effort would result in follow-on attacks."

No Sh**te, Sherlock.

Glad to see that Cordesman and Haaretz at least and at last finally admit that Iran has  / is about to have launch–capable nukes, and that the only solution is to promise, then deliver, and redeliver repeatable violence upon Iran's military until they surrender.

Perhaps they will realize one day that the so-called "palestinians" (indeed much of the muslim world) need the same lesson. 

As we and others have noted before, the reason the Germans and the Japanese are such benign nations is that they understand full well the horror of total defeat and will likely never again launch aggressive, non-provoked wars upon their neighbors.

Islam has been defeated in the past, and needs major defeats again.

And toot de suite, before Monsieur Hollande's "big opus" is to take up Hamas' invite to Gaza and then extend a reach–around to Iran, as they purse their lips for some French-surrender-kisses.

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