Romney Pulled Pranks in High-School (While Øbama Was Busy Smoking Pot And Learning To Hate America).

While the Washington Post is busy investigating and distorting Romney's high-school background, they failed in 2008 and are failing now to note that Obama in his youth was an admitted dog-eating, coke–snorting, pot–smoking, womanizing, koran-prayer-memorizing weirdo, who barely anyone he went to school with remembers that he even existed.

And what did Øbama grow up to be?

An egotistical, thin-skinned, destroyer of traditional Judeo-Christian-Western values who has spent the last 4 years doing his best, (along with his merry band of jihad-appeasing, alternate-lifestyle-promoting cadre of Far-Left academics, tax-cheating ex-bankers and brokers) to annihilate what's left of our economy and our national defense, all while promoting wanna-be-gangsta-thugs, and sodomizing our culture.

No thanks, WAPO. We'll take Romney.

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