NY Times Sobs For Hillary & Ø Getting Played By Putin, Not For Losing Syria To Jihadis.

WASHINGTON — Sitting beside President Obama this spring, the president of Russia gushed that “these were perhaps the best three years of relations between Russia and the United States over the last decade.” Two and a half months later, those halcyon days of friendship look like a distant memory.

Gone is Dmitri A. Medvedev, the optimistic president who collaborated
[now there's a choice word from the Times...see video below] with Mr. Obama and celebrated their partnership in March. In his place is Vladimir V. Putin, the grim former K.G.B. colonel whose return to the Kremlin has ushered in a frostier relationship freighted by an impasse over Syria and complicated by fractious domestic politics in both countries. 
The back-and-forth this week over Russian support for Syria’s government as it tries to crush an uprising underscored the limits of Mr. Obama’s ability to “reset” ties with Moscow. He signed an arms control treaty with Mr. Medvedev...
 Oh yez, Obama must have thought he was really cool back in March,  telling Medvedev sotto voce to give a message to Putin: "I can finish off disarming America after I get re-elected... Be cool,  trust me, I'll get you what you want!".

Too bad he got caught on an open mic.

[Any difficulty viewing video watch it here.

Not sure who is more naive here, Obama, the NY Times, or  the Left–Wing commentariat gnashing their teeth over how "horrible America has become with drones and the extra-legal killing of Osama, oh my, how dare we criticize Putin!"

Give us a break. Obama and Hillary, (lets not forget that idiot McCain), have been using the Soros-funded, and Robert-(Hamashole-godson of Arafat)-Malley-led "International Crisis Group"  to destabilize the entire region since 2008. 

It's like 5 idiot children THINKING they are playing a board game while Putin and the muslims are ACTUALLY PLAYING THEM IN A PUPPET SHOW.

Obviously dopehead / "choomer" Obama hasn't read any history of "revolutions" past the 1960's. Islam has been playing this game for 1300+ years and Russia almost for a millennia.


While the NY Times and their useful idiot readers are all crying that we aren't helping to make the world a better planet for multi-sexual, rainbow-colored, cupcake-pooping unicorns, Russia and Islam (and China) are simply in it to gain as much territorial control and dominance over resources as they can (as they and most world powers have been doing FOR MILLENNIA...)

It's simply a matter of more of their dead bodies vs less of ours, and if our 'leaders" don't see that, they shouldn't be playing.

Remember in November.


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