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Adam Kredo at The Washington Free Beacon seems to have scooped this story: Hillary Clinton, our erstwhile Secretary of State / midwife to the Arab Winter stood in the press conference like a day-dreaming lummox, as Egypt's new Foreign Minister linked continuation of their peace treaty with Israel to the so-called "palestinians" getting half of Israel and all of Jerusalem.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was silent as a senior Egyptian official stated during a joint press conference that his country would only uphold its peace treaty with Israel if the Jewish state returns to its 1967 borders and gives Palestinians control over portions of Jerusalem.
The quote above from the Egyptian FM is direct from the U.S. State Department.

Perhaps along with our caption contest below, astute JewPoint readers can guess what she said "off-mike".

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Of course one can't blame Hillary for standing mute when Egypt's FM announced that the treaty is basically revoked, especially after yesterday, when she was heckled and blasted with tomatoes and shouts of "Monica, Monica!" while visiting Alexandria. 

Despite CNN's naive protests to the contrary, it seems some Egyptians know what we all do, that Hillary and Obama simply pimped out Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now, the would-be Queen of the Caliphate is on to Israel. 

Bibi beware.

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