Times Cries Nile-Croc Tears As "Glenn-Beckesque" Muslim Blames The Jews For Muslim Brotherhood

Military Rulers Fixed Presidential Vote to Install Islamist, ‘Egypt’s Glenn Beck’ Says

”Mr. Okasha also wove in the accusation that the Obama administration had pressured the military council to make Mr. Morsi president, as part of an elaborate plot to seize Egyptian oil fields and turn them over to Israel."

Proof positive that even the smartest "anti-left / anti islamic" muslim is a still a conspiracy nut who would blame the Jews for everything, from islamic indigestion to broken air conditioning.

Long-time Jewpoint readers know that Obama DID invite and then push the Muslim Brotherhood into power, and that he and Hillary Clinton, the Caliphate's Concubine been working with Arafat's godson Malley in the ICG since 2008.

But the only thing Obama would turn over to Israel is the back of his shoe. 

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Barack Hussein Obama been anti-Israel since he was "baptized" by the Hamas-loving "Rev." Wright, through his friendship with Rashid Khalidi, the apologist for fakistinian terrorists, since he made his first-ever international call from the WH to Abbas, and since he stood in a back hallway of the White House and tried (and failed) to intimidate Bibi.

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Hopefully the Egyptian military can hang on till January when Obama is finally gone, and then  if Egypt still wants U.S. aid, Romney can tell Morsi how high to jump.... better that than watching Obama bow down to another jihadi leader.

PS: Muslim Brotherhood stooge / Egyptian President=elect Morsi says he wants the Blind Sheik released? How about we give him a twofer, throw in the Sheik's attorney Lynn Stewart, and delver them both in matching "I Love NY" body-bags?

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