WIll Ø Tap Muslim Congressman ("Sharia 4 U.S. Schools!") To Replace Biden?

WIll Ø Tap Muslim Congressman ("Sharia 4 U.S. Schools!") To Replace Biden?

Any trouble viewing the above video (like if it offers to cut off your silly infidel head...), watch it here:

Muslim Congressman: U.S. Schools Should Be Modeled After Madrassas.

That is DEMOCRAT Congressman, Andre Carson (did we mention he is a DEMOCRAT?) from the great state of Indiana.

We think Democrat Congressman Carson, PBUH, should replace Democrat Joe Biden as Democrat Barack Hussein Obama's running mate, don't you?

That way Democrat Pres. Øbowmao can wear his uniform, without feeling.... awkward...

Let us know how you feel.

(Hat tip to Yonatan for the great pic).

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