Gail Collins @ The NY Mujahadeen Times: "Mitt’s Major Meltdown".

We have, surprise, more Clymeresque activity at the NY Times.

Gail Collins, who it appears may be considering wearing a burka in her future, tries a weak impersonation of a concern troll:
"Mitt Romney broke our deal.
Perhaps he didn’t know he’d made it, although, really, I thought it was pretty clear.

He could do anything he wanted during this campaign as long as he sent out signals that once he got in the White House he was not likely to be truly crazy.

We, in return, were going to be able to continue with our normal sleeping patterns through the fall.

It didn’t seem to be a lot to ask, but when the crisis in the Middle East flared up, Romney turned out to have no restraining inner core. All the uneasy feelings you got when he went to London and dissed the Olympic organizers can now come into full bloom."
You see, in Gail Collins bizzaro-world, Mitt is crazy for calling out Obama and Hillary for leaving the American Embassy in Benghazi unprotected on 9/11, and then for criticizing them for apologizing to crazed Al Queda flag-waving jihadis who just burned down our embassy and slaughtered our Ambassador like a goat.
According to Gail Collins, THESE SCUM deserve an apology because they were "instigated" by a 14 minute amateur video that describes (accurately I might add) the nightmare that was the founding of islam.
Collins tries to blow more smoke at Mitt but she truly displays her ignorance when she writes "It isn’t clear how the movie, the protests in Egypt and the murders of four American diplomats in Libya fit together."
It isn't clear to you, Gail? 
What rock have you been living under, Ms. Collins? Try READING THE KORAN.
Try reading the 1300+ year history of islam that includes muslim armies reaching the gates of Vienna, and vying for total control of the Mediterranean for over half a millennia, including their attacks on America's nascent Navy and Merchant Marine a few short years after America's founding. Try reading about the Battle of Lepanto, and the Siege of Malta.
Try remembering the news of the last few years, Gail; imams and Al Queda terror leaders working together to take any perceived slight, from cartoons on out, using social media to whip their crowds into a murderous fervor (the same crowds and the same social media that Hillary and Malley used to depose Mubarak without first setting up legitimate civilian AND CIVILIZED groups to take over), millions of islamic rioters riled right up to attack America, Israel, Denmark, etc. 

One of Gail's dreamy-eyed, fellow Obama acolytes asks in the comments "What is his [Romney's] plan to assist the new democracies of the Arab Spring?"
WHAT "DEMOCRACIES"? WHAT "SPRING"? It's an Arab WINTER, and if Obama doesn't stop spending more energy slapping at Bibi than he does not pretending to care about Iran's centrifuges, it's going to be an Arab NUCLEAR WINTER.
Obama, Hillary, the Abedins and Robert Malley installed the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, and Obama is about to give the muslim brotherhood BILLIONS in American aid and debt  so Egypt can use it to buy German subs, all while our dear friends the Egyptians are doing business with the Chinese, who will soon get a good look at all that military hardware we have been selling Egypt all these years.

Wow, you put a Clinton in the mix and the Chinese wind up with our top-secret military technology; how could that ever happen?!
Gail Collins and her ilk are not just uninformed, they are delusional. They are so entranced with using islam to destroy the traditional Judeo-Christian West (that they jointly hate with such fervor) that they ignore the imperialist history of islam, a history that repeatedly guarantees annihilation of the useful-infidels like Collins once the jihadis get done with the Christians, Jews, Buddhist and Hindus, and yes, with the Republicans.
Leftists like Gail Collins have hitched their wagon to a 1300+ year-old, theo-political nightmare that always has been and always will be in a state of perpetual war with everyone not muslim.
Romney gets it right; Obama and Hillary have caused this mess, and they are further wrecking it by apologizing for some 4th rate film, that, by the way, is accurate in it's depiction of the mohamicidal nightmare that is islam, and in it's 4th grade production values, which mimic the quality of life in islamic "nations".
PS - Someone needs to tell Gail that Romney was so "wrong" in his comments regarding the security arrangements for the London Olympics, that only days after his interview, the U.K. MOD added thousands more troops to security duty.
You're forgiven for not knowing that, Gail, as it was never reported in the Times, lickspittle for Obama as it be.

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  1. So Obama circumvents Congress to give the Muslim Brotherhood one and a half billion dollars, he supports the Libyan 'rebels' with weaponry, and now that they've shown (and are continuing to show) their appreciation in typical Muslim fashion, all you Obama idiots can talk about is what Mitt Romney did wrong? Unbelievable!


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